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Planting a Seed to Grow a Green Thumb

The depths of winter are a good time to teach kids about starting plants

Hope Greene

Starting seeds with kids can be anything from a simple day’s project of getting beans to sprout little green threads to creating an attractive splash of flowers in a porch pot to carefully laying a foundation for a vegetable plot designed to feed the world.

Lawning Season

Hope Greene

A lawn is a poor excuse for a grassland. Try to get lost on a lawn. Close your eyes, spin around three times, drop belly-down to the earth and open your eyes. You’ll still be on a lawn–there will be the road ...

Giving Homeless Kids a Helping Hand

EC school district program eases hardship for hundreds of children

Hope Greene, photos by Andrea Paulseth

It’s easy to have the thought that there’s something shameful about being homeless. It’s presented in movies, in TV shows, in news programs, and social talk; that homelessness is a problem for ...

Exhibit Explores Artist Vaughter's Grotesque, Tender Sensibilities

Hope Greene, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“Strange Children,” Kim Vaughter’s exhibition at Janet Carson Gallery, delivers on its title. In the show, Vaughter continues her ongoing work with odd, strangely proportioned, symbolically constructed ...

This Is Land Is My Land

new local art show Land:Mine explores our precious land

Hope Greene, photos by Kelsey Smith

Land is a solid that extends down as rock until rock becomes fluid. Land is an idea, a memory, a promise – evoking borders, blood, and belonging. Land is the word for arriving at the edge of an unnamed ...

Always In Motion

group exhibit at library explores Migration theme

Hope Greene, photos by Hope Greene

Migration is movement. Some migrations are cyclical and dependable transitions, some chaotic; they are disasters and they are triumphs, journeys undertaken by choice or by necessity ...

Life and Vegetables

springtime in Eau Claire is for get-up-and-growing

Hope Greene, illustrated by Serena Wagner

My children both sing more in the winter than they do in the spring. Spring seems to be for screaming; that shrieky life-shout swirling in a bubbly sound-stew out of the playground ...

Planting a Seed to Grow a Green Thumb

the depths of winter is a good time to teach kids about starting plants

Hope Greene, photos by Hope Greene

Starting seeds with kids can be anything from a simple day’s project of getting beans to sprout little green threads to creating an attractive splash of flowers in a porch pot to carefully laying ...

Little House, Only Littler

EC author uses erasure to create new work out of children’s lit classics

Hope Greene, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Emily Anderson spent an undisclosed amount of time as a child walking around with a long brown skirt over her blonde head, pretending to be Laura Ingalls Wilder. As an adult, she owns not one, but two actual sunbonnets, and is heading to Laurapalooza by her own free choice. A dedicated lover of the log cabin, butter churn, and calico life ...

Formal Thinking, Casual Approach

Casual Ore Formal wants customers to wear comfortable creations

Hope Greene, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Casual Ore Formal occupies a studio as bright and cheery as the business’ punny name. In the showroom there you’ll find both daily wear jewelry and examples of top-shelf pieces, all done under the hand of Elizabeth Griggs, a highly trained, committed, and enthusiastic artist ...

Rich Fields of the World

a traveler interprets the world and paints with soul

Hope Greene, photos by Hope Greene

Outside Osseo, in a studio folded into the green hills like a hidden hue in one of her paintings, Rebecca Crowell creates eloquent abstract work from the landscape around her. She came to Eau Claire in the early 1980s as an undergraduate studying painting at UW-Eau Claire and now ...

Exploring an Art Gallery: 3 Steps for Getting Kids Into Art

Hope Greene, photos by Andrea Paulseth

There are some great things about taking kids to an art gallery. Just for one, it’s a rare thing these days to see really well-made images that aren’t trying to sell you something. It’s another rare thing to be able to take time to look and listen. Art galleries put really well-made images ...

Justin Dancing Hawk: A Little Bit of Magic

local painter finds spiritual catharsis in his art

Hope Greene, photos by Andrea Paulseth

A broadly smiling face loudly calling out “Welcome!” over the sound of two happily excited dogs met me when I visited Wind Beneath My Wings Studio to speak with local artist Justin Dancing Hawk. The studio fills a small house on Eau Claire’s Upper West Side. Dancing Hawk ...

A Minimal Mark

Brock expresses his vision in charcoal alone

Hope Greene, photos by Andrea Paulseth

David Brock is finding freedom in limitation. In the small mint-green room at the Haas Fine Arts Center that he calls both office and studio, he has been drawing all winter. In final preparation for the opening of his show at the ...

Stark's America

our culture defined through the eyes of artist Larry Stark

Hope Greene, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Something Old and Something New is a photography-based show about culture in America as seen over decades by conceptual artist and printmaker Larry Stark. An important local artist, Stark has made interesting, intelligent, nationally ...

5 Park-tacular Chippewa Valley Playgrounds

play-friendly starter spots in the area to get your kids moving

Hope Greene, photos by Hope Greene, Leah Dunbar, Andrea Paulseth

Just as monkeys need bananas and something to climb on, human children need, well, bananas and something to climb on. Here are just five of the many great playground spots in and around Eau Claire. Use this guide as a treasure map that you can foll

Character-Driven Art

C.J. Conner showcases an intriguing cast of subjects

Hope Greene, photos by Andrea Paulseth

C.J. Conner’s Characters and Curiosities hangs against the stripped brick and bare white walls of the Volume One Gallery like posters for a carnival, selling stories too good (or too bad) to be true. Conner has traveled all the way from ...

On the Make

exploring Menomonie’s new ‘maker space’

Hope Greene, photos by Tim Mather

Maker spaces are popping open all over the world and there’s now one blossoming in our own backyard, The Hundredth Monkey Maker Space in Menomonie.

Everything Is Illuminative

Exhibit sheds light on professors’ artwork

Hope Greene, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Illuminative: The Art of Academia is an accessible look into the intelligent and imaginative work of local university art educators. The show contains the work of nine artists, all currently active professors of art in western Wisconsin and ...

Wood and Water

EC woodworker’s furniture merges outdoors, indoors

Hope Greene, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Think of a table. Is it formica and chrome, glittering in the kitchen? A molded plastic folding table in the church hall? Is it your nicked-up old oak family dinner board? A sleek Ikea Oddvald? The new fused and laminated conference table ...

Finding A Focus

club helps shutterbugs of all skill levels

Hope Greene

When I was a kid we used to call them “the camera people,” folks who hung around in the oddest places through the oddest weather, dripping with gear and taking pictures of the oddest things. I did not like photos at the time. As an upstanding ...

Of Men and Landscapes

library exhibit features rural scenery, ‘Guy Things’

Hope Greene

The gallery in the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library is currently showing the work of two Wisconsin artists, John Meyer and Don Smith. “On Location” is a selection of Meyer’s many landscape paintings of the Mississippi River valley. Smith ...

Seeing the Unseen

photo exhibit explores local nooks and crannies

Hope Greene, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Cities are constantly changing. Looking at what a city has built over its history is a good way to draw a picture of the life of a city, its people’s attitudes and assumptions, their dreams and their fears. What was built, what ...

Examining Identities

Heyde exhibit melds two artists’ portraits, photos

Hope Greene, photos by Andrea Paulseth, Shaunae Teske

Whether you welcome the view or not, turning that sharp corner from December to January brings you to a dizzying annual scenic overlook. You may stop for a slow picnic, you may grab a few snaps and move on, but changing calendars is a cue to ...

Still Life Unbound

Barbara Shafer branches out with plant paintings

Hope Greene, photos by Andrea Paulseth

This month, the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library is showing “Plant Forms,” an exhibit of new work by award-winner local artist Barbara Shafer. Shafer is a long-standing artistic presence in Eau Claire ...

Concrete Vision

engineer-turned-artist wants to share sculpture with students

Hope Greene, photos by Andrea Paulseth

To the Eau Clairian on the street, Dan Massopust is best known as the artist who won the People’s Choice award on the Sculpture Tour last year for his large concrete work entitled “Blind Spot.”

Together Now

Heyde gathers works from top Chippewa Valley talent

Hope Greene, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“A Gathering” is a major exhibit of local artists currently showing at the Heyde Center for the Arts in Chippewa Falls. Fifteen area artists of the highest caliber have gathered their work into a large show of some of the best visual art ...

Something to Folk About

new CV Museum exhibit highlights region’s folk art

Hope Greene, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The brilliant thing about folk art is its liveliness. Folk art has a common life that high art lacks, its preciousness is a living one, in that the objects and skills occupy the everyday of life instead of being locked away out of regular life as too valuable to ...

Amplifying the Arts

Arcadia arts festival returns for fifth year of music and fun

Hope Greene

The fifth annual Ashley for the Arts festival in Arcadia is not just any old art fair. This turducken of an arts event features hot air balloons, a car show, air park, youth obstacle course, 10- or 26-mile bike race, 5K run/walk, and kids’ activities ...

Artist Markets Back in Full Swing

Hope Greene

For those who loved picking up treasure with their tomatoes last summer, it’s time to love shopping again. The Artist Market of Eau Claire returns this summer with an extended schedule, running every other Saturday, May 18 through ...

Illustrating the Valley

magic, whimsy tie together painting, sculpture exhibit

Hope Greene, photos by Andrea Paulseth

I found Brianna Capra perched on a wooden bench amid her tools, paintings, and labels in the middle of setting up the Gatherings & Recollections collaborative exhibition at the Volume One Gallery. In the background of our conversation ...

Artswest Brings Range of Talent to L.E. Phillips Library

Hope Greene

When was the last time you were in a room with 57 artists? If it’s been too long, then you’re in luck because the venerable ArtsWest annual exhibition at the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library is about to open. Now in its 34th year, the juried...

From Canvas to Celluloid

new Heyde Center show covers duo of mediums

Hope Greene, photos by Jessica Vollmer

The Heyde Center for the Arts occupies a grand position overlooking downtown Chippewa Falls. Once a temple to education as McDonell Memorial High School, it now houses the Chippewa Valley Cultural Association, providing a needed venue ...

Art Unleashed

latest Art Cartel exhibition focuses on canine comrades

Hope Greene

It’s no secret that Eau Claire is a dog-loving town; consider that last year’s Sculpture Tour People’s Choice Award went to the high-fiving Great Dane now greeting folks at Phoenix Park. Dogs and people have been best pals since before a written ...

Lazy Monk Brewing Opens Banbury Tasting Room

Hope Greene, photos by Andrea Paulseth

If you hunger for a magical place where love makes beer and that beer knows your name, then stop hungering and start drinking. At the family-owned Lazy Monk Brewery’s welcoming new tap room you can sample all their current artisan brews while ...

UWEC, Stout Showcasing Newest Crop of Artists

Hope Greene

It’s Local. It’s Fresh. It’s a Smorgasbord of UW Student Art Shows. Around here, we make artists. Grab your plate and see what the newest of the new have been cooking up. Running now, UWEC’s Foster Gallery presents its show of current student art ...