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The Signs are Clear, But the Response Isn't

Panhandlers prompt a range of emotions in passersby, but how should we really react?

Dan Ingersoll

The sign said, “Homeless: Need $168 for a bus ticket to family in Fargo.” The holder of the sign looked sad and frozen to the bone. I drove past and then turned into the Aldi’s parking lot next to where he was standing ...

The Couple That Shops Together

Christmas shopping with our mates isn’t always the wisest decision, but we do it anyway

Dan Ingersoll

After 39 years of marriage, my wife and I know better than to shop together – most of the time. Once a year or so she makes the proposal: “Honey, I know you don’t want to do this, but do you think just ...

A Brief Defense of Socks and Sandals

despite years of derision and corniness, the dad-look mainstay is a keeper

Dan Ingersoll

From my perspective, sandals without socks have never been a good idea. Let’s be real – even the best pair of leather sandals against the bare foot produces sweat, blisters, a fair amount of chaffing and, in short order, smells like a dead fish. Some dads have always known this and found that pairing ...

Trepidation on the Trail

How do three late-middle-aged guys hike 30 miles? With a lot of second thoughts.

Dan Ingersoll

My buddy Gregg is sixty-something and has enjoyed backpacking since he was a young man. When he invited me to join him for a trip on the Superior Hiking Trail, which traces Lake Superior in northern Minnesota, I enthusiastically said “yes” while harboring some quiet reservations. He also invited a mutual friend, Don ...

The Stuff of Legend

dealing with our old junk, one box at a time

Dan Ingersoll

My dad is 83. Late in life he lost his left arm at the elbow. He has had four bypasses on his heart and Parkinson’s. Mom died of Alzheimer’s a few years ago. He lives in Stoughton, Wisconsin in an big old, two story “four square” with an attic. ...