David Mell

author - from: Oh Claire

Doug Mell is a freelance writer living in Eau Claire.

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Wed. Feb. 12th, 2020

What Will I Do?

David Mell

What will I do when you leave me, // when the candle I read by’s put out?

Thu. Feb. 22nd, 2018

Wake Me I’m Dreaming

David Mell

The snow was blue / for those that knew; / the tree was old, / and yet it grew: ...

Thu. Feb. 11th, 2016


David Mell

Listening to a cat purr / A sound of infinite being / How can I sleep at night ...

Wed. Dec. 16th, 2015

Sheeder Road

David Mell

The times I spent awaiting gifts / Wrapped in closets dark, / Anticipating life's sweet things, / The family would park / Outside a house That was lit / from top to bottom with lights / And it wasn't about the presents, then