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Mon. Apr. 22nd, 2019

After Watching an Elvis Documentary

Candace Hennekens

I met him in a bar, nineteen, home from college / on winter break, same as he. On dates, we drank ...

Wed. Apr. 4th, 2018

How Louis Became My Lover

Candace Hennekens

Perhaps it began upstairs // at the Dover Street house. // My sisters and I and a pile of old ‘78’s // Dad bought from some dumpy bar // in some po-dunk town. // Forty records for five dollars. ...

Mon. Nov. 10th, 2014

Married Life

Candace Hennekens

My husband doesn’t want to move / 
from the front row at the tractor
 / pulling contest in the community park. / 
I feel like a picked dandelion / 
drooping in a juice glass.
 / I worry that my feet in sandals