Issue #404 Feb. 19, 2020

Fire Ball Is Hot Stuff

Pride Is A Riot will heat up Ojibwe Ballroom

author & photographer by Nate Cooksey, photos by Luong Huynh

Each year, UW-Eau Claire’s Fire Ball brings drag performers from around the country to Eau Claire for the largest drag ball fundraiser in the Midwest. Participants celebrate the individuality, self-realization and ...

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Issue #404 Feb. 19, 2020

Queering the Conversation

Foster Gallery exhibit examines queer identities in the Midwest

Catey Leonardson

UW-Eau Claire is illuminating often-silenced voices with a new exhibition in the Ruth Foster Gallery. “Midwest Queeritivities” gives a platform to queer artists throughout the region and beautifully showcases a ...

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Issue #404 Feb. 19, 2020

Survival Story

Minneapolis-based Eau Claire grad explores Hmong experience on film

Lauren Fisher

From a cinematic perspective, Minneapolis-based filmmaker Bryan Vue found that Gran Torino, the 2008 Clint Eastwood and Bee Vang film in which ...

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Issue #404 Feb. 19, 2020

Sounds and Emotions

Home Within provides international insight

Barbara Arnold

“Home Within” is a 60-minute performance in which Syrian-Armenian visual artist Kevork Mourad creates charcoal and watercolor drawings in front of the audience while responding to the ...

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Some Assembly Required

Jan Carroll

The kit comes free of its script // not having shipped with instructions, // only a tip line to call in distress, // a site to log into in the middle ...

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Issue #402 Jan. 22, 2020

Opening Shot | Jan. 22, 2020

photos by Gabbey Piper

HOP TO IT. The 7th Annual Eau Claire Improv Festival (Jan. 18 at The Metro) featured Chicago’s Second City group performing “Immediate Musical” (a whole musical based on one audience suggestion), along with Memorial High School Improv, Shambles, and Minneapolis-based Glassworks Improv.

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