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ADVENTURES TO TREASURE: Indoor Fun Park Planned for Eau Claire

owners aim to open 6,300-square-foot adventure park by end of 2024

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4 Treasures Adventure Park will feature
4 Treasures Adventure Park's main feature will be a 6,300-square-foot play structure for kids 12 and under. (Submitted images)

A nautical-themed indoor adventure park aimed at kids 12 and under is expected to open on Eau Claire’s south side by the end of the year.

The main attraction at 4 Treasures (2615 Mall Drive) will be a 6,300-square-foot customized play structure featuring tunnels, slides, ball features, and other soft equipment, said co-owner Kayla Turpin.

“4 Treasures will be a safe, clean, large facility for families to enjoy. Children will be able to play, learn, and increase social skills,” said Kayla, who founded the business with her husband, Quincy, and their next-door neighbors, Joe and Sara David.

“Within the play structure will be ample opportunity for young children to improve both their fine and gross motor skills,” she added. “Children will be able to run, jump, and climb to release all of their tiny but mighty energy!”

Children will be able to run, jump, and climb to release all of their tiny but mighty energy!

kayla turpin

co-owner, 4 treasures adventure park

The play structure will include activities for all ages, include a 1,200-square-foot area for kids 2 and under. 4 Treasures will also feature a ninja course with two full-size “warped walls” (the curved kind you can run up), an arcade, six party rooms, and food and drink (although the menu’s still under construction).

4 Treasures will be themed around the ocean, pirates, and mermaids, but the “treasures” themselves aren’t gold doubloons: They’re the couples’ children (Kayla and Quincy have 6-year-old twins, while Joe and Sara have a 7-year-old and a 5-year-old).

The families
The families Turpin and David families.

“Our children are quite literally like siblings and are so excited for the business,” Kayla said. In fact, she said, it was the families’ visit to an indoor play park elsewhere that inspired the creation of 4 Treasures to give Chippewa Valley children a new, exciting option for indoor play.

The main play structure will be customized to the building, which previously housed Pawn America, and is now under construction. It’s expected to arrive in late summer or early fall, Kayla said, and the owners hope the indoor park will be ready for kiddos by winter break so they can “close out 2024 with a bang.”

“Our adventure park isn’t funded by big investors,” she added. “It is a reflection of four parents who love playing with their children and hope to provide a place in our community for other parents to do the same.”

To learn more about 4 Treasures Adventure Park, find them on Facebook.

The play structure will include two ninja course-style
The play structure will include two ninja course-style "warped walls."