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Fall Creek Library Opens Next Chapter With New Building Plans

$7.5 million project aims to house library, village hall, and village administration all under one roof

Cade Fisher |

The Fall Creek Public Library has plans underway to build a new public, multi-use building for citizens to use community resources through a combined library, village hall, and village administration.

Charlene Conradi, the library director, said the potential is exciting and the new plans have the opportunity to support the community and fit all needs.

“We are super deficient in space needed overall for materials and programs and spaces in a library that we should be providing,” she said. “We have really fixed all those issues with the new project.” 

According to the library’s website, plans for a new building began in July 2023 when the library board completed a strategic plan to look at priority areas that needed updates in the upcoming years. After the plan was approved, a facilities assessment was conducted to analyze the current state of the library.


Graphics via Fall Creek Public Library study plan.
Graphics via proposed Fall Creek Public Library study plan.

The assessment revealed a variety of accessibility concerns with the structure of the space and the library shelves themselves. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, the library should be providing wider aisles and doorways, accessible doors and parking spots, and restrooms that provide caregiver flexibility to name just a few current issues.

In August, the library board hired Lien & Peterson Architects, an Eau Claire-based architectural and engineering design company, to complete a feasibility study for the potential to make the suggested changes. After the study, Lien & Peterson completed a proposal and work began in October.

According to the initial proposed building plans, the building is set to include the library, Village of Fall Creek administrative offices, and a community hall that could be rented out for public and private events. The hope is that the combined buildings offer convenience for citizens.

To fund this project, which is estimated to cost $7.5 million, the library is applying for a federal Flexible Facilities Grant. Kim Gillett, a member of the library board of directors, said that the grant was a rare one that had great timing.

Community Hall.
Proposed Community Hall.
Library Circulation Desk.

Proposed Library Circulation Desk.

Children's Area in library.

Proposed Children's Area in library.

“Obviously the grant could be a large part (of the total cost), more than half of it if awarded the full amount,” Gillett said. “Beyond that, we are looking at donors and other grants and foundations to fund the rest. We don’t want to put that burden on anyone else.”

The library will be applying for the grant later this spring and is conducting a feasibility study to analyze the best funding options moving forward. 

To keep up to date on the library project, check out their website • Feel free to give feedback using their Google form