Unique Egg Roll Combinations to Try Out Locally

are you really an egg roll lover if you aren’t willing to try out some fusion-style or oddball combos?

McKenna Scherer |

HOP ON BOARD. Birria Egg Rolls (left), an Egg Roll Flight (middle), and some Cheesecake Egg Rolls (right), walk into a room...
HOP ON BOARD. Birria Egg Rolls (left), an Egg Roll Flight (middle), and some Cheesecake Egg Rolls (right), walk into a room...

It may be a subconscious thing, but I’m not friends with people who dislike egg rolls. I’m pro-egg roll, in every scenario, even the weird ones – and by “weird” I just mean those that go beyond traditional egg rolls – and in that spirit, here are a few places that delight in serving oddball combinations that just totally work as an egg roll.


Birria Egg Rolls at Guac N’ Roll / 420 S. Barstow St., Eau Claire

This food truck-turned-restaurant put roots down in downtown Eau Claire, dishing up longtime favorites from tacos and tortas to loaded fries and more. Adding even more variety to its menu is a new special: three birria egg rolls ($12) served with a side of consommé for even more flavor. This dish was just introduced at the beginning of March, so keep an eye out for when it’s back as a special on their social media. Guac N’ Roll website • Facebook


Egg Roll Flight at Egg Rolls and More / 1419 Lynn Ave., Altoona (VFW building)

The “flight” sensation has certainly been making its rounds through the Chippewa Valley in recent years, from the usual beer, wine, and alcoholic beverages flights, to iced coffee flights and even food-focused flights. As of March 25, Egg Rolls and More at the Altoona VFW is joining the flight craze by serving a six-roll egg roll flight – and each one is a different flavor. The egg roll flight ($12) features a range of flavors from the tame varieties of chicken and pork rolls to the sweet Oreo cream cheese roll, plus the buffalo chicken, ham, pickle and cream cheese, and mac ’n’ cheese rolls. And yes, the come with sauces on the side.Egg Rolls and More Facebook


Cheesecake Egg Rolls at TemptAsians / 2823 E. Hamilton Ave., Eau Claire

TemptAsians just about does it all: classic authentic Vietnamese dishes like a range of banhmi options to its steaming pho, its rotating feature menu and fusion-style dishes, and its near-endless boba selection. If you’re searching for something to satisfy your sweet tooth and that isn’t your average dessert offering, TemptAsians may have just the thing: cheesecake egg rolls ($6.99) topped with your choice of chocolate, strawberry, or caramel drizzle. Add ice cream to the two-roll sweet dish for a total of $9.99. • TemptAsians Facebook