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SOUNDS LIKE SCORCH: Scorch’s PFG-TV to Stream Live From Blue Marble Pub

YouTube talk show will be a revival of local ex-radio host’s TV project

Sawyer Hoff |

HAVING A PFG TIME! Scorch, former local radio
HAVING A PFG TIME! Scorch, a longtime local radio host, will be bringing back his series, Scorch's PFG-TV at the end of February. Scorch, left, is shown with his former co-host, T-Ri. (Photo via Facebook)

When life gives you lemons, make a rock ’n’ roll talk show – that’s the saying, right? Local personality and former radio host, Scorch, is once again taking to screens as he revamps his old TV series, Scorch’s PFG-TV, with a Chippewa Valley twist.

Scorch’s PFG-TV (the initials, in case you were wondering, stand for “Pretty F***ing Good”) will debut Thursday, Feb. 29, and will take place every Thursday thereafter. The show will be recorded and held live at the Blue Marble Pub (816 High St., Chippewa Falls) from 5-7pm. There’s already a slew of local businesses partnering with Scorch to make the show happen, including the Blue Marble Pub, Economy Furniture, Chick-a-Dee's Family Restaurant, Wicked Sweet Bake Shop, Calm & Collected Cannabis Co., and more.

Locals have joined the show as well, including Holly O’Connell, who will be Scorch’s co-host, and local musician Brian Bethke, who will be the show’s musical director, booking bands to perform on the show. “I just think that she’s the right fit for the attitude of this show,” Scorch said of Holly. “That’s the best way to put it. She’s the right fit for the attitude of the show.”

“The show’s going to be an extension of me,” Scorch explained. “It’s not gonna be filthy. It’s not gonna be raunchy. ... It’s gonna be a rock show.”

As Scorch puts it, the show will be what you'd expect from a late-night talk show – with his signature gravelly voice and blunt attitude. With a wide variety of guests and musical performances, each episode is sure to be a new adventure. 

Scorch first started PFG-TV back when he lived in Boston in 2008, where the show played on mainstream television channels like FOX and CBS affiliates. Scorch ended up moving to California and bringing PFG-TV with him, where it ran for another five years. After that, Scorch decided to move to L.A. to pursue an acting career, which ended the show. This time, Scorch said he wanted to keep the show on YouTube, where just about anyone can access it, and there's more growth potential as opposed to television networks.

Scorch moved to the Chippewa Valley about six years ago when he joined local radio station 92.9 The X's team, starting Scorch in the Morning, a popular local radio show. Scorch in the Morning abruptly ended at the beginning of this January, when he was let go from the station. “I loved my show – believe me – I loved being on the radio, I loved entertaining, and I loved (co-host) T-Ri,” Scorch said. “We had a great show; The best radio show I’ve ever done.”

“The last thing I said when I was walking out the door was, ‘Wow, Scorch’s PFG-TV will make a comeback,' ” he continued.

Though he was passionate about his show on The X, Scorch says he would not return to the station and is excited to revive a show he also found great success in. By popular demand, he will be bringing back a very special segment: “The Wheel of Meat” – spoiler alert, it's exactly what it sounds like, and he’s getting an actual wheel for it!

Scorch is also hoping to continue his Paws for the Cause fundraiser, raising money for animal shelters. The next fundraiser will be the 13th year of Paws for the Cause – and this time he’s hoping to stream his show live for 36 hours straight in honor of it.

You can watch the show on Scorch’s YouTube (@ScorchsPFG-TVShow) or check it out live yourself at the Blue Marble Pub every Thursday, where they’ll be having food and drink specials before and after the show. Guest lineups and musical guests will be announced on Scorch’s Facebook page.

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