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DO THE HUSTLE: Inaugural Water Street Holiday Hustle Slated for Nov. 17-18

Water Street’s array of boutiques, eateries, salons, and more are inviting the community to join in on its first-ever Holiday Hustle event

McKenna Scherer, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The first-ever Water Street Holiday Hustle event is coming up soon and local businesses are sending an invite to the whole community!
MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The first-ever Water Street Holiday Hustle event is coming up soon and local businesses are sending an invite to the whole community. (Pictured above: Willow on Water, one of the participating businesses.)

While Water Street is known as a night spot for college-aged locals, it is also a history-rich street with both longtime and newer businesses ranging from salons and barbershops to boutiques, yoga, and massage joints as well as restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and more. With the inaugural Water Street Holiday Hustle event, the community is invited to peruse it all this holiday season!

The event – slated for Friday, Nov. 17 and Saturday, Nov. 18 – is the brainchild of the Water Street Business Improvement District (BID) with support from Downtown Eau Claire Inc. The Holiday Hustle is the second event in what the Water Street BID board hopes will be a string of brand-new happenings highlighting the historic district, the first being the Junk and Disorderly event held this past August.

The Water Street Holiday Hustle will offer two-day-only experiences from Water Street businesses, including special deals and giveaways, personal pampering opportunities, tasty treats, and more. Participating businesses include Willow on Water, Avalon Floral, Mona Lisa’s, Details, Dooley’s Pub, Burrito Express, Estilo Salon, Saxy Salon, KD Sushi, Poke & Noodle, and more.

Some of the deals include $5 sushi rolls at KD Sushi, Poke & Noodle; 20% off of Sound Beauty products, and samplings of Shutter Butter Olive Oil and bourbon hot chocolate at Willow on Water; Milwaukee Bucks and Wisconsin Badgers jersey giveaways at Dooley’s Pub, and giveaways galore at many of the participating businesses.




Jeff Frawley, co-owner of Estilo Salon, is vice chairperson of the Water Street BID, having joined the board about a year ago after serving on a similar board in downtown Menomonie for about five years. With years’ worth of experience helping put together Chippewa Valley-geared events, and as a local business owner, Frawley said one of the BID’s main efforts over the past year has been organizing new events.

“The Water Street BID hasn’t done many events in the past 10 years, so that was one of the things I tried to push for. I thought, ‘Let’s do some more stuff to help people get down here and really see all of the businesses,’ ” Frawley said.

The event aims to cross-pollinate, bringing people who may not otherwise come to Water Street to the area and inviting those who may be regulars at one spot to the other businesses just a few steps away.

“There’s a different demographic normally associated with Water Street, that being for nightlife and college kids, but there’s a lot more Water Street has to offer,” Frawley said.

Frawley also noted the BID’s ideas for future events, including the potential for a community cookout-style event on Water Street, a volunteer clean-up day with a special event for those who participate, the potential for a family-friendly event with food trucks and a beer garden, and others. “Some of our other ideas aren’t fully fleshed out yet, but we’re really excited about them,” Frawley said.

There are no set hours for the Nov. 17-18 event, as businesses on Water Street have varying hours. You’ll have to pop over to Water Street to see all of the interactive opportunities and fun to be had yourself!

Check for additional updates on the Holiday Hustle Facebook event.