Dan Realty Group

A New Kind of Team

Dan Gjerseth started Dan Realty Group to bring a fresh experience to the real estate industry.

When Dan Realty Group began in 2018, founder and owner Dan Gjerseth set out to create a cutting-edge group of realtors with a heavy focus on hard work and accountability in the Chippewa Valley. Their success thus far speaks for itself, as they have placed in the Best Of the Chippewa Valley Reader Poll for the last three years and have over 500 five-star reviews.

Gjerseth emphasizes keeping up with the modernization of real estate. With ten full-time realtors and three administrative team members, Dan Realty Group is a hub of talented and driven real estate agents who continue to make meaningful connections with their clients.

“When I was growing as a solo agent, I was looking for a team to join myself and I had trouble finding the culture that we now have as a team,” Gjerseth said. “I wanted to grow myself with the people that never quit and enjoy learning and growing as a human being.”

Dan Realty Group

307 S Farwell St.,
Eau Claire

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What makes the culture at Dan Realty Group so unique? As opposed to other real estate groups that may feel very “every person for themselves,” Dan Realty Group strives to create an environment where their team inspires and pushes each other to be the best they can be.

“When I started building the team, I knew I wanted to build something unique,” Gjerseth said. “We offer a unique type of value compared to other teams, for example, our health insurance to our producing team members and our aggressive style of marketing for our clients’ listed homes. When our team members and clients are winning, everyone wins.”

To help ensure that success, Dan Realty has a productivity coach, Devon Caneff, to guide agents from the minute they join the team until they are knowledgeable, high-producing agents. “It’s extremely hard to find a company that not only provides unlimited opportunity, but also the support, structure, and culture that leads to expedited success and I’m proud to say that is something we’ve been able to create here,” Caneff said.

Every day at the Dan Realty Group starts with a full staff meeting, either in person or over Zoom, to discuss strategies and client relations. Meetings often include office pups — namely the Dan Realty mascot, Daisy, an adorable golden retriever.

Gjerseth grew up in Augusta and graduated from UW-Eau Claire with a Business Administrative degree in Entrepreneurship and decided to stay in Eau Claire after graduation because of his love for the town.

“I think Eau Claire has a huge economic capability, bigger than a lot of places in the country,” Gjerseth said. “It’s very vibrant, there’s a lot of culture, and I would say that the business side of Eau Claire is just really flourishing too.”

“I want to attract people who want to do something different in the real estate business…”

His love for the community can be seen in the many events that Dan Realty Group holds throughout the year. Their most popular events are the annual Christmas Party, their summer cookout event, a virtual wealth series held in January each year, and much more. They also enjoy giving back to the community through donations to the Feed My People Food Bank, and most recently by sponsoring the 2024 Eau Claire Marathon.

The team at Dan Realty Group is always expanding, continuing to search for realtors with a passion for modernity and growth. Not only does the culture within the business breed success, but they also have a strong online presence, making connections with clients and community members. What Dan Gjerseth has cultivated within his business has changed the real estate game within the Chippewa Valley.

“I want to attract people who want to do something different in the real estate business,” Gjerseth said. “We’re hardcore… We’re gonna make sure we succeed through effort and doing good for our clients.”