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The Next Level of Real Estate

Mary F. Rufledt has learned a lot in her 26+ year real estate career, but this year she learned about the power of change.

Change within any organization can be difficult, but it’s also an inevitable fact of life. Mary F. Rufledt (founder and broker/owner of Elite Realty Group, LLC in Eau Claire) experienced a massive change within her organization this year, but it has only strengthened her commitment to her clients and the community, while also helping to hit the next level of her career.

With the retirement of some of Rufledt’s longtime employees and mentors in March of 2023, Elite Realty Group experienced a major shift in its dynamics. This shift was bittersweet. However, since then, Rufledt’s previous assistant, Miranda Hattamer, was promoted from Licensed Assistant to Affiliated Agent. Two new Licensed Assistants were hired on, as well as a few college interns and one high school senior research intern. With the amazing new support staff comes fresh ideas, new perspectives and backgrounds, commitments, skills, and techniques.

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As Elite Realty Group enters this new level in the real estate business, Rufledt prides herself on teaching and molding the fresh talent with a strong passion for the real estate industry. Rufledt contributes her success to having a solid foundation of amazing administrative people and fantastic title companies and lenders to work with. Although she is the face of Elite Realty Group, LLC, she’s only as successful as the people she surrounds herself with. Rufledt’s every move emulates the amazing mentors she had acquired when first starting in the industry.

“I love helping to mold people who truly want to learn this business, those that have both feet in,” Rufledt said. “I’m molding them to be amazing agents as well as productive community members. Eventually, the agents go out on their own and continue to work under my umbrella. I’m excited for them to see how they will excel in the industry. My motto is, ‘You must learn to give to gain.’”

Not only is Rufledt strengthening her current team, but she is also continuing to elevate the brand to a new level. This new endeavor involves working with local builders to add much-needed housing for single families. Likely coming in the spring of 2024, Rufledt will be using her background in design and her passion for the real estate industry to create elite houses that will be seen across the Chippewa Valley.

“We’re going to start small and see how things go,” Rufledt said. “And honestly, it’s going to be like an art project. The construction will be excellent, and you will know that you are buying something from Elite Realty Group.”

Despite all the changes, one thing has and always will stay the same at Elite Realty Group, LLC: Their success in the Chippewa Valley and Northwestern Wisconsin is on its way to a record-breaking year, despite rising interest rates and low inventory in the housing market.

“To hit the next level, change has to happen.”

What does she attribute to this continued success, you might ask? Hard work, resilience, and adaptability during any transition. “To hit the next level, change has to happen,” Rufledt said. “As the saying goes, ‘Change is inevitable, growth is optional.’ I think anything we do to hit the next level in life has to make a huge pivot in our businesses, our personal lives, and the people who work for us. And that’s where Elite Realty Group is going to go. The next level for me is going to be living my truth.”

She also contributes her success to balancing her professional and personal life. Mary enjoys working out and taking care of herself physically and mentally. Rufledt weightlifts, jogs, does yoga, journals, and reads when she has time. Rufledt says, “I contribute my success to those who were in the industry before me who I looked up to. I took bits and pieces of what they taught me and used it where it made sense for me.”

Rufledt says, “Because we’ve had so much change in government, people need to learn to just live their truth whatever that might be for them. Learn to stay in your lane, respect other’s opinions, and move with diplomacy. Show that you care, you never know what people are going through. You must use some grace with that. That’s truly why I think we hit higher numbers year after year, because I put my whole heart into it. I have built my career on helping people. If you help people, good things will come to you.”

In the face of significant changes within Elite Realty Group, Mary Rufledt’s unwavering commitment to her clients, her community, and her own personal growth stands as a testament to the resilience and adaptability necessary to reach the next level of the organization. As Elite Realty Group embarks on a new phase of its journey, including the exciting venture into the construction industry, Rufledt’s determination to elevate the brand remains unwavering. The promise of elite houses and continued success in the Chippewa Valley and Northwestern Wisconsin will bring exciting changes to all the communities she works in.