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BRINGING SPIRIT HOME: New One-Stop-Shop for All Things Divine Opens in Banbury Place

dip your toes into the brews of magic Earth with Moon Bees LLC

Kelly Carlson |

TO THE MOON! Locals Becky and Beryl Ouimette have opened a new spiritual store inside Banbury Place. (Submitted photos)
TO THE MOON! Locals Becky and Beryl Ouimette have opened a new spiritual store inside Banbury Place. (Submitted photos)

Blessed be: Moon Bees has opened its doors to all! The Valley’s first shop carrying homebrewing equipment, tarot readings on select days, and tools to perform your own rituals at home, Moon Bees offers spiritual excitement for everyone interested in getting to know just how powerful botanicals and herbs can be.

Located inside Eau Claire’s Banbury Place (930 Galloway St., Building 13, Suite 23), the shop is easily accessible to locals. Originally opened in 2019 by two passionate cousins and best friends, Becky and Beryl Ouimette, their success in the Valley has only grown through their special interests – and future plans for the shop. Moon Bees relocated to Banbury Place in 2022, bringing a unique new shop to the historic building.

“My herbalism and spirituality influence my mead and beer making, particularly with ancient recipes and those specific to holidays, seasons, and spiritual intent,” Beryl explained. “So, we now offer a vast and varied herbal apothecary for magical and herbal needs.”

With jars and bags of uncommon herbs displayed throughout the store, customers are welcome to buy bulk or small packages to fit their needs. There are books for diving deeper and all kinds of art and handmade crafts that help spread the joy and support of Earth-based spirituality.

“Moon Bees carries … cauldrons, marble and granite altar stones to protect surfaces, ritual oils, crystals, tapestries, bells, a variety of types of incense and incense burners, feathers, candles, and statues — to name a few,” Beryl said. They also carry 27 different local artists’ works, featuring wands, soaps, candles, bath soaks, paintings, jewelry, sculptures, music, brooms, stickers, and more.

Growing their own herbs when they can and sourcing them ethically when they can’t, Moon Bees prioritizes supporting small, local shops, while also handcrafting some gifts in store as well.

“It matters to us that they practice fair-trade and ethical sourcing from (other) growers,” the duo said. They are also able to special order tapestries, books, cards, and more when asked! Soon to offer a commercial kitchen for rent, Moon Bees has everything a spiritual newbie or expert needs to take their practice further.

“Moon Bees welcomes the seeker, the journeyer, and the creator in the ways of spirituality, our connection to the botanical worlds, and those makers of magical brews,” they said. “All of these arts strengthen the soul to bring us all together.”

Moon Bees is now open at 930 Galloway St., Building 13, Suite 23, in Eau Claire. Learn more about Moon Bees or shop their store on their website.