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Local Hip-Hop Artist HMisfit Starts Record Label, 35k Records

Charlie Vue to use his knowledge of the music industry to help other emerging artists

Sawyer Hoff |

'WE DON'T CARE'. Charlie Vue, owner of 35k Records and musically known as HMisfit, wants artists he signs with to know he doesn't care about the naysayers. (Submitted Photo)
LOCAL LABEL. Charlie Vue, professionally known as HMisfit, started a new label, 35k Records, to help new artists achieve their dreams in the music industry. (Submitted photos)

Charlie Vue, musically known as HMisfit, has been passionate about music since he was 16 years old. Now he’s using that passion to help other new artists get started in their careers, which is why he founded 35k Records, a new record label in the Chippewa Valley and the first Hmong-owned record label in Eau Claire.

“When you start creating music, it's hard without building blocks. You’ve got to learn everything yourself and it takes a lot of time,” Vue said. “Personally, as a solo musician, I do things on my own and learned some skills along the way and gained some connections that helped me understand the (music) industry. So I just thought, why not let me be the building blocks, find these artists, and help them out?”

Through 35k Records, Vue will help his signed artists with tasks such as assisting them with getting instrumentals, scheduling studio time, and helping with mixing and mastering vocals. Like other labels, he will also help the artists release their music and set up live gigs to get their names and talent out into the world.

I want all these artists to come here. and if you ever have any doubters on your side, I just want you to know that at 35k Records, we don't care.

We want to help you and we want to help you succeed in your dreams.

Charlie vue

hmisfit & owner of 35k records

Even though hip-hop is Vue’s main genre as HMisfit, he hopes that 35k Records will be all-encompassing of styles and genres, aiming to branch out and connect with as many talented artists as he can. Vue has already signed two artists and is hoping to have six total join 35k Records while he gets his feet under him.

The name “35k Records” stems from Vue's HMong heritage: “Three,” “five,” and “K” translates to “Peb Tsis K” in HMong, which means “We don’t care” in English. Vue says that this is his response to those who try and diminish the dreams of others by saying they won’t succeed in the music world. 

“I want all these artists to come here, and if you ever have any doubters on your side, I just want you to know that at 35k Records, we don't care,” Vue said. “We want to help you and we want to help you succeed in your dreams.”

While he currently runs the label out of his home, Vue hopes to open a studio in Eau Claire soon. He also has plans to host a 35k Records welcome show, where his signed artists can perform while simultaneously introducing 35k to the community. He hasn’t nailed down specifics yet for the event, but interested parties can check out 35k Records’ Facebook page for updates.

You can follow along with 35k Records and Vue’s music career on Facebook. Any artists interested in reaching out to Vue can do so by emailing