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E.C. Humane Association Aims to Move Into New Facility in Summer 2024

construction steadily moving along, but financial support still needed

Cassandra Kyser |

BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE. The Eau Claire County Humane Association is closing in on fully funding its new site, which has a price tag of $6.5 million. (Submitted photos)
BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE. The Eau Claire County Humane Association is closing in on fully funding its new site, which has a price tag of $6.5 million. (Submitted photos)

Construction is well underway on the Eau Claire County Humane Association’s new facility. The building crew is taking advantage of the summer months by working on the structural elements such as the walls, roofing, and septic system. When winter rolls around, the crew plans to work indoors to finish the interior construction. ECCHA staff looks forward to moving into the new facility sometime in the summer of 2024.

“Our whole staff is excited for things to be newer and safer for us and the animals,” said Addie Erdmanm, ECCHA marketing and development director. “Kennels for all animals will be larger and more comfortable which will reduce stress.”

“We have about 10% left of our $6.5 million goal. this is truly a project where every single dollar counts!”

addie erdmann

eccha marketing & development director

ECCHA is a sanctuary for anywhere from 1,500-2,000 animals per year, and its current site has not seen any major upgrades since it was built 25 years ago. While general wear and tear to the average building is expected over that amount of time, to a facility like ECCHA that houses all kinds of animals with varying needs, the whole ECCHA team – including its furry residents – are anxious to move into a larger, better-equipped one.

Current and future site comparisons. (Via ECCHA newsletter)
Current and future site comparisons. (Via ECCHA newsletter)

The Be the Voice Campaign launched in 2021. Not only will the main building be larger with a bigger parking area, but there will be an on-site vet clinic allowing the shelter to perform simple surgeries like spays and neuters; a community education room for volunteer training, microchip, and other classes, and more; a small animal sanctuary; an updated HVAC system; and additional administrative offices. 

"Our dogs are definitely getting a major upgrade by having a room they can hide in when they are nervous which will lead to happier pets. We are also extremely excited about our on-site vet clinic for shelter use so we can diagnose sicknesses and perform simple procedures in-house,” Erdmann said.

After some initial funding setbacks, including a decrease in funding from the City of Eau Claire – an initial goal of $500,000 from the city was brought down to a $250,000 donation this summer – Erdmann said the staff is remaining positive. “We are staying positive and are joyful about how far we have gotten! We would like to thank our community who really rallied behind us to state our case and donated to the campaign.”

Puppy break for Market & Johnson staff.
Puppy break for Market & Johnson staff.

The ECCHA could still use the community’s help in the final push to fund the new site. Erdmann said they still have about 10% – $650,000 – to go toward their $6.5 million goal. “This is truly a project where every single dollar counts! If you are able, please consider making a donation on our campaign website or stop in to learn more about the project,” Erdmann said.

Walls are currently up at the new site, and the Market & Johnson crew preparing to lay the foundation soon. The public can view a 24/7 live feed of the site online.

The staff is looking forward to its own upgraded facilities as well. As for Erdmann, “My personal favorite thing is that I won’t have an office in the old bathroom anymore!”

The new facility is being built right next to ECCHA’s current shelter, so its address will stay the same (3900 Old Town Road, Eau Claire). All that commotion, while necessary, is hard on the animals currently living at the shelter. “While we are undergoing construction, we are also on the hunt for more foster families! As you can imagine, the construction noise is very stressful on our cats and dogs,” Erdmann said. "We even have a program where you can just take a dog out for the day to get them away!”

See additional details about the ECCHA Be the Voice Campaign online, where you can also donate.

If you’re interested in fostering an animal or taking a dog out for a playdate, contact the Eau Claire County Humane Association at (715) 839-4747 or at