New Wave Messiah: Cadott-based Area-715 Drops Sophomore Album

new seven-track industrial-metal album, ‘The New Wave Messiah,’ questions capitalist society, materialism

Parker Reed |

WELCOME TO THE NEW WAVE. Cadott-based band
WELCOME TO THE NEW WAVE. Cadott-based band Area-715 released their second album titled, The New Wave Messiah. (Submitted Photos)

Materialism is rampant in today’s society, says one local musician, and he’s speaking out against it with his latest industrial-metal release.

“We as a society are worshiping false idols, celebrities, and material items,” said Joe Slotevig of Cadott-based act Area-715. “These things are treated like a religion by a lot of people. I don’t think it serves the greater good of humanity, so I want to encourage people to stray away from those ideas and return to the purity of spirituality and nature.”

The New Wave Messiah, Slotevig’s second album under the stage moniker Area-715, was inspired by looming societal issues, resulting in the heavy sonic aesthetics present on the 35-minute release. Dropped last month, his first record release since 2021’s The Bruised and The Baptized features standout tracks “Unhinged Enemy,” and “Misunderstood” – two songs primed to rev the heart rates of listeners.

Area-715 was previously known for a style similar to industrial-rock outlet Nine Inch Nails and metal band Ministry, but now the solo artist’s musical compass points toward more synthesizers and keyboards in place of heavy guitars. The songs, he said, are whatever the listener wants to make of them.

“The tracks I create are open to interpretation,” Slotevig said. “I don’t want to tell someone what to think about when they listen to my music. I want someone to hear my songs and come up with their own interpretation of what it means and how it makes them feel.”

With his sophomore release sitting comfortably in his discography, Slotevig’s next performance in support of The New Wave Messiah is slated for August 12 in Tomah at the Cantina 5 Sports Bar.

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