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WHAT IS LIBERTY? Zoe Roberts Publishes First Book Focusing on Current Politics, Liberty

former Eau Claire County Board Supervisor publishes first of their three-part book series

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LIBERTY FOR ALL. Zoe Roberts publishes her first book, which focuses on liberty and it's use in American politics.
LIBERTY FOR ALL. Zoe Roberts publishes her first book, which focuses on liberty and its use in American politics.

After becoming the first openly transgender Eau Claire County Board Supervisor in 2019, Zoe Roberts has recently published her first book, With Liberty & Justice For All: A Liberal’s Guide to Liberty, which is the first in a planned three-book series on current politics.

This first book, as the name implies, focuses heavily on “liberty” – what it means, how it’s used, and how to preserve it in the current political climate. After nearly three years of heavy research, the book is now available for purchase as an e-book or as a physical book through Amazon.

Roberts decided to start writing a book in September 2020, at the height of the last presidential campaign, when all she could focus on was electoral politics. Roberts said her main goal for the book was to help others make sense of the political times we were in back in 2020 and that continue today.

“Liberty is really about choice,” Roberts explained. “So your freedoms then are derived from those choices. Really, freedom is the ability to exercise your liberty. Liberty is the beginning point of the discussion that needs to happen. That's why I focused on liberty.”

Liberty is really about choice.

Zoe Roberts


Though this is “a liberal’s guide to liberty,” Roberts said she wanted to make her arguments as non-biased as possible, which is why she heavily researched conservative points of view, including works by Barry Goldwater and James Buchanan.

“I know that the other side probably will not appreciate this book very much,” Roberts said. “But I did research their viewpoints. I did research Barry Goldwater. I went back to the origins of The Conscience of a Conservative. I did all of those things. I tried to integrate those things in here and point out where I agreed and where I disagreed, so there is an aspect that I’m trying to draw from the best of both worlds.”

No longer a member of the Eau Claire County Board, Roberts wants to continue to throw herself into her research, which is prompting books two and three. She hopes these subsequent books will be published within the next couple of years. Book two will focus on the organizing aspects of politics while the third will dive into governance.

You can purchase With Liberty & Justice For All: A Liberal’s Guide to Liberty on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and through other book distributors.