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A VISUAL & AUDITORY EXPERIENCE: This Unique Event is Coming to the Lakely

a unique array of artists are collaborating to create a new kind of performance on May 27

Sawyer Hoff |

A NEW KIND OF EVENT. The Lakely is hosting A Visual & Auditory Experience on May 27. (Photos via The Lakely's Facebook)

All around town folks can find new live music performances and art exhibits on display each week, but have you ever been to an event for both? On May 27, The Lakely (516 Galloway St., Eau Claire) is hosting first-time event, A Visual & Auditory Experience, from 5-11pm.

Eight artists making up three different groups will begin performing at 5pm, each having their own performances, some collaboration between groups, and then a final performance together. The artist lineup includes Jeremy and Max Ylvisaker, Chris LeBlanc, John C.S. Keston, and Altruit.

While the performances are happening, unique imagery and other creations will be shown to the audience through a projection. By the end of the night, all visual systems will also be combined to create a completely unique visual experience, while also creating an equally creative auditory experience.

Artists will also be using traditional instruments including hand drums, flutes, guitars, and more. The event is free to attend, but donations to the Eau Claire School Foundation are encouraged both ahead of time and at the event itself.

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