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DIVE INTO DONUTS: Richard & Co. Deals in Donuts and Fun

emerging donut business is taking the Valley one smile – and sweet treat – at a time

Dawson Jollie |

DONUT MISS THIS! The Richard family is dealing in decadence, serving up fresh mini donuts through Richard & Co. Donuts. (Submitted photos)
DONUT MISS THIS! The Richard family is dealing in decadence, serving up fresh mini donuts through Richard & Co. Donuts. (Submitted photos)

Have you ever seen someone buy a donut who wasn’t in a good mood? Well, with Richard and Co. Donuts bringing warm pastries and company to the Chippewa Valley, you’re sure to perk right up.

Everything is done on-site: a pop-up tent and donut-making machine handling all the frying, flipping, and you name it, with the ease of convenience. The concept proved to be a sweet success back in April with a soft debut at Farmer’s Daughter and Munson Bridge, where they set up shop hoping to find their footing in the field. But with mouth-watering signatures such as chocolate donuts with almonds and coconut or their mocha java donuts; who wouldn’t think they’re to die for?

For Julia and Mike Richard, the decadence-dealing dynamic duo, this was a business founded on a special mission: to give back to the Valley and all the love and community it has offered them.

“About a year ago, we started to get this desire,” Julia explained. “Like, how can we contribute in a fashion with that same mentality of fun, outdoor activity, and community? We really wanted something that was fun for the community, but also a way we can contribute back to the schools.”

With three children graduated from Altoona School District and their two youngest sons still at home, the Richards also operate so that their boys can gain first-hand experience at running a business. The school district does an excellent job educating and introducing students to management, but working on the family business helps put that knowledge into practice.

“It’s a great opportunity to show them, hands-on, how to run a business,” Mike said. “Here, they’re just as involved with it as we are … to produce a job for someone, you’re the one to be responsible, as opposed to just showing up.”

And with an upcoming appearance slated at the River Prairie Festival on Saturday, May 13, it’s certain there’ll be no shorthand of work anytime soon. But when you’re serving for a higher cause as fun and pleasant as this, is it even really “work” at that point?

For updates and more information on Richard and Co. Donuts, visit their Facebook page (Richard and Co. Donuts) or send the team an email at richardandcodonuts@gmail.com.