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“I’m Not Ready” Mack John Tour

Mack John is back on May 5 at The Brickhouse and May 11 at Artisan Forge

Sawyer Hoff |

Are you ready? Mack John announced on Facebook that she will be touring around Eau Claire and other parts of Wisconsin performing songs from her newest album, I’m Not Ready.

Her first stop will be on May 6 at the Brickhouse (2233 Birch St., Eau Claire), followed by another show on May 11 at Artisan Forge (1106 Mondovi Rd., Eau Claire).

After a couple of performances in Wausau, Oshkosh, and La Crosse, she will make her way back to Eau Claire for two more performances. The first will be on June 1 in a location that hasn’t been announced yet, and she will be rounding out her tour at The Lakely (516 Galloway St., Eau Claire) on June 2.

Ready or not, here she comes! Learn more and stay up to date with tour details by following her Facebook page.