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Iris DeMent to Perform in E.C. For First Time on May 14

latest album, ‘Workin’ On a World,’ brings a wide range of social justice issues to light

Sawyer Hoff |

A MUSICAL WARRIOR. Iris DeMent will be performing her new album, Workin' On a World, at the Pablo Center on May 14. (Submitted Photo)

Known for her raw and honest lyricism, Iris DeMent’s newest album, Workin’ On a World, dives deep into social justice issues that have caused increasing tension in the country over the last several years. To celebrate the new album, DeMent will be touring throughout the U.S., stopping in Eau Claire on May 14.

Her performance will be in the Jamf Theatre in the Pablo Center, starting at 7:30pm. DeMent will be joined on stage by opener Ana Egge, Liz Draper, and Myra Burnette, guitar players from the Twin Cities. This will be DeMent’s first performance in Eau Claire, and she’s excited to be able to spread her message to the area.

“I'm just looking forward to being there and bringing the music out to the folks and hoping that people are inspired, strengthened, and encouraged to keep on keeping on,” DeMent said. “You know, whatever I can contribute to that is what makes me happy.”

Workin’ On a World discusses topics from the pandemic to police brutality, gun control, and climate change, all while staying true to her upbeat, country-folk sound. The title track, “Workin’ On a World,” speaks to the messaging behind the album, with a chorus that declares: “On streets paved for me / By people who were workin’ on a world / They never got to see / Now, now I’m workin’ on a world I may never see.”

DeMent also brings up “warriors of love” that she is teaming up with to create this world, referencing them again in other songs. For her, these warriors include Martin Luther King Jr., congressman (and Civil Rights activist) John Lewis, Rachel Corrie (a young woman who lost her life blocking the Israeli Army from bulldozing Palestinian homes), and more.

“There continues to be such an assault against people who stand up for other people,” DeMent said. “I mean that to me is what it boils down to … and so I felt a need to keep the spotlight on those folks.”

DeMent’s album was released in February and is available to stream everywhere. Tickets to her May 14 show can be purchased at

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