The 10 Tastiest Food Trucks and Trailers in the Valley

check out the Valley’s Top 10 food trucks, according to voters in our 2023 Best Of Poll

V1 Staff, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

Something tasty from Live Great Food Truck, which was voted No. 1 in by Volume One readers in our 2023 Best of the Chippewa Valley Poll.
Something tasty from Live Great Food Truck, which was voted No. 1 in by Volume One readers in our 2023 Best of the Chippewa Valley Poll.

Everybody has their favorites of everything. Favorite restaurant, favorite bar, or favorite place to throw caution to the wind and suck down a massive, dripping ice cream cone. But when it comes to food trucks, people get downright fanatical about recommending their faves. Probably because by their very nature, food trucks (and trailers!) are nomadic nosh machines – ethereal and mysterious in their ways. They can be there one minute, and gone the next. You gotta catch them while you can! So if you know a good one, you’re excited to share the news – and the current location.

To help people try the best, Volume One recently added a “Best Food Truck” category to our Best of the Chippewa Valley Reader Poll, and below you’ll find the top 10 vote-getters in alphabetical order. The top three outfits – Live Great Food, Holy Donuts, and Dhimiters – are included to remind you who readers chose as the top three. But don’t be confused, this whole list is made up of some of the tastiest and most beloved mobile food in the market. Don’t see your favorite? Be sure to vote next year!


Have a hankering for Southern-style barbecue? Big Pappa’s got you covered with pulled pork and chicken sandwiches, burnt ends, rib tips, and half or full racks of ribs, plus sides like corn on the cob, potatoes, and nachos.


Bubbles serves a bounty of meats smoked to perfection. A rotating corrall includes turkey, burgers, chicken, pulled pork, and more. Keep an eye out for specials like the Cuban Sandwich and the Pastrami Stacker.


Surf on over for West Coast-inspired authentic Mexican cuisine. Featuring all of your beloved Mexican classicas like burritos, nachos, and quesadillas. Don’t miss the sandwiches like the tortas and pambazo.

Dig into a gyro from Dhimiters. (Submitted photo)
Dig into a gyro from Dhimiters. (Submitted photo)

DHIMITERS (Voted #3 in 2023!)

You can’t beat Dhimiters for Greek on the go. Their gyro meat is 70% lamb, 30% beef; the highest lamb ratio in town. They’ve got vegetarian friendly spinach pies, falafel, and fried zucchini, plus more Greek specialities. 


A mainstay of the Eau Claire Downtown Farmer’s Market, Egg Roll Express sells authentic home-made egg rolls, boba tea, and other Southeast Asian favs.

HOLY DONUTS (Voted #2 in 2023!)

At age 16 Myron Marko used his passion for donuts to build a mobile donut shop with inventive crowd-pleasing favorites like key lime pie, raspberry lemonade, orange dream, apple crisp, maple, candy toppings, and more. The donuts are small, and you can buy a couple or a dozen (honestly, it’ll be a dozen).

LIVE GREAT FOOD (Voted #1 in 2023!)

LGF offers a farm-to-truck organic menu that is seasonally inspired and inventive. Their food is always evolving and changing. Some favorites have included smash farmburgers, veggie burgers, “Braht Mi” sandwiches, salads, fried fiddleheads, fry bread tacos, naan tacos, and more.


Mi Mi’s offers you a chance to try bánh mì – delectable Vietnamese sandwiches that are a mix of West and East – as well as noodle bowls, rice places, and Vietnamese iced coffee.


Who doesn’t love Mexican food? Ne Ne’s serves up favs like tacos, burritos, and quesadillas with homemade tortillas as well as south-of-the-border specialties like elotes (Mexican-style street corn).


One of the Valley’s most iconic food trucks, Smokestream featured an eccentric menu served out of a vintage Airstream trailer. Track them down for street food classics with a music-themed twist like the Tupaco Tacos, the Snoop Dog, and the Macklemore Mac’n Cheese.

Looking for more food trucks? Check out our updated listings online. And be sure to check out Food Truck Friday, which begins its 2023 season on May 4.