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GET READY TO GET DOWN: Jazz Crawl 2023

crawl on over to Eau Claire’s annual jazz event for some sweet tunes

John Straub, photos by Mike O'Brien |

YA LIKE JAZZ? The EC Jazz Crawl will be swinging back into town on April
YA LIKE JAZZ? The EC Jazz Crawl will be swinging back into town on April 21-22 with tons of great talent.

It’s about to get jazzy in here. Eau Claire’s annual Jazz Crawl makes its triumphant, trumpet-blaring return on Friday, April 21, when your favorite downtown bars and restaurants will host live performances all night long.

All-ages venues include UME Studios, the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire, The Lakely, Oxbow Gallery, Volume One, Olson’s Ice Cream, Revival Records, ECDC, and more! Want some jazz without the kids? The 21+ venues include Stones Throw, The Firehouse, The Rev, The Dive, and The Mousetrap. Here’s the rundown:

Within these venues, your favorite local artists and bands will be coming together for a downtown takeover! Musicians including Uncommon Denominator, Irie Sol, Jazz Flux, Cathy Herndon, Alex Karye Quintet, The Woodland Spring, and so many more will be jammin' out.

Find the full lineup of artists and which venue they'll be performing at Come on down to support local musicians, and just have a good and groovy time! Purchase your ticket today at

And don’t forget the Jazz Fest Concert Series on April 21-22 at the Pablo Center. Both nights the headliners will be Arturo O’Farrill and James Morrison backed by UWEC’s Jazz I ensemble. Learn more about those shows right here.