Questioning the Locals: Teri Ouimette

free-wheelin' discussion with local folks

V1 Staff, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a local as passionate about Chippewa Falls as Teri Ouimette. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and one of six siblings, Teri’s only connection to Chippewa Falls in her childhood was the fact that her mother was from there. Her family moved back after her father retired from the military and she’s been here ever since. Fourteen years ago, Teri joined the Chippewa Falls Main Street Association and is now its Executive Director.

I grew to love Chippewa Falls and everyone here, I appreciate the small-town charm.


Executive director, Chippewa Falls Main Street

Neighborhood you live in, city:

Chippewa Falls

Resident for how long:

45 years

What are you most passionate about?

Family and friendship.

What is one of the best cultural experiences you’ve ever had in the Chippewa Valley?

Heyde Center for the Arts – its art shows, theater, and performances are all fantastic.

What’s your favorite local festival?

Pure Water Days RiverFest.

What is your favorite piece of local trivia?

Haunting of Sheeley House.

What place in town considers you a “regular”?

All places.

What book, TV show, or movie would you recommend to the members of the City Council?

Parks & Recreation.

What sort of economic development would you like to see in the area?

Anything that benefits the community.

Teri’s Shoutouts

Chippewa Falls’ Scenery. Walking or driving downtown during the summer with the streets, flowers, bikes, and art. People are downtown shopping, eating, and just appreciating what we have.

Chippewa Falls’ Community. Chippewa Falls is a giving community – no matter what, people give-- whether monetary or giving of time such as volunteering.

City workers. City of Chippewa Falls – Mayor Greg Hoffman, City Planner Brad Hentschel, and City Council work hand-in-hand with us to make this city the best it can be. They make it easy to accomplish our goals.