Notable + Quotable | April 6, 2023

heard around the Chippewa Valley

V1 Staff |

This is simply a celebration of foolishness. It’s just meant to be a good ol’ light-hearted thing that we do to bring the community together and have a little bit of silly fun.

Jake Smith

–Volume One Pillow Inspector commenting on the city-wide pillow fight on April 1 at the Oxbow Hotel. Quoted by WEAU 13 News on April 1.

We’d love to try and see historical buildings to be saved and there’s been a strong push to try and save and restore and keep some of the historic buildings in the downtown area, but in this case, it just wasn’t structurally feasible.

aaron white

– Eau Claire economic development manager, in regards to the old Fleet Feet building that might be torn down by new owners. Quoted by WQOW News 18 on March 31.

While I agree there were issues in the Eau Claire County Human Services regarding some of the accounting records and the handling of finances, I found no facts that were deserving of a criminal offense...

Tim Grunke

–La Crosse County District Attorney, about the investigation into Eau Claire County’s Department of Human Services over a massive budget error. Quoted by WEAU 13 News on March 31.