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The Valley Welcomes New Math-Only Learning Center

Mathnasium is enrolling K-12 students for math tutoring

Laura Carew |

THAT ADDS UP! Mathnasium is offering Chippewa Valley youth K-12 math-focused learning opportunities. (Submitted photos)
THAT ADDS UP! Mathnasium is offering Chippewa Valley youth K-12 math-focused learning opportunities. (Submitted photos)

Enrollment and assessments have already begun at the Chippewa Valley’s newest learning center: Mathnasium. Located across from Woodman’s and right next door to Starbucks in Altoona, Mathnasium offers math instruction and tutoring to students in grades K-12.

Jordan Jopes, the owner and center director, is readily prepared to help local students reach their academic goals. “(Parents) can expect to see their kids get the confidence they need in math,” Jopes said. “And hopefully that will pour over into other subjects in school.”

While Mathnasium offers purely math-based instruction, Jopes is certain that in pushing through any challenge or discomfort in math, students can come away with the courage they need to excel in other subjects, and become better learners for it.

In their five- to seven-month program, tutoring begins at different points for each student, offering a personalized experience for all. “Our instruction starts where they first began struggling,” Jopes explained. “Once they understand that, we use it as a foundation to build up to where they should be.”

Mathnasium is meant for students of all math skill levels, not just those who struggle in their current instruction. Students in need of a greater challenge or those who are disengaged with math in school are encouraged to enroll at Mathnasium for an individualized learning experience that will cater to their needs.

In the new academic world coming out of the pandemic, Jopes is keenly aware of how important Mathnasium’s presence will be in the area. “With COVID, lots of students have fallen behind in math,” he explained. “They come in, not too sure (of themselves), and I’m excited to boost their confidence and push them to become better students.”

For more information and to set up a math skills assessment, visit, email, or call (715) 492-5626. Mathnasium’s open office hours are noon-3pm from Monday-Thursday, while instructional hours are 3:30-7:30pm Monday-Thursday and noon-4pm Sunday. Mathnasium is at 2814 Woodman Drive, Altoona.