FINISHING THE STORY: Local Musician to Release First EP

Andie Wyne expresses pensive retellings of life’s moments with an intimate feel

Kelly Carlson |

WYNE NOT? Andie Wyn releases first EP, “ten oh four timeless”. (Photo via Facebook)
WYNE NOT? Andie Wyn releases first EP, ten oh four timeless. (Photo via Facebook)

Inspired by an old apartment off of Third Avenue in downtown Eau Claire, local Andie Wyne’s first EP, titled ten oh four timeless, is an homage to that location and chapter in her life. “The bittersweet nostalgia of youth, of opening up and letting go, the contrast of feeling surrounded by wonderful people, yet struggling with feeling misunderstood and isolated,” Wyne explained. “Those are the feelings that house evoked.” And those are the feelings that her songs express.

First discovered at a Pablo Center open mic night in May 2022, Wyne has been recording with The Aviary Studio, a recording space located in Menomonie and owned by Greg Manning, ever since. Feeling comfort and finding challenges with her writing and recording process, she strives to vividly portray emotions that others can relate to.

“This album is my creating,” she explained. “But it is just a smashing of atoms of the minds (in my life): it is about the interconnectedness (of people). It is about the middle of the Venn diagram.”

Her three-song EP features her released single, “a soul’s song,” with two additional tracks: “never wanted” and “second time’s the charm.” The songs contrast a sense of hopefulness with a sharp fear of facing the unknown, a combination Wyne felt throughout her early 20s.

“the songs that come out of (my first ep), those are just the results of self-love and community.”



While ten oh four timeless starts out more optimistic, Wyne is careful to not overpower the darker undercurrents. “It has to be acknowledged; the depth of your pain is also the depth of your light,” she said.

Breathing in tune to sounds of folk, soul, and indie, Wyne’s emotional storytelling is emphasized by her own vocals, classical cello elements, and acoustic and electric guitar playing. “It’s very much me,” Wyne said. “I’m not trying to make any certain kind of music. I’m just making my memories.” Also featuring friends on drums, electric keyboard, and electric and upright bass, the EP captures the organic feeling of a live performance.

The EP is slated for release on April 1, and folks can celebrate with Andie at The Plus (208 S. Barstow St., Eau Claire) at 8pm that day. “I’m going to bring a couch on stage and have yellow lighting,” she said, smiling. “It’s going to be like you’re sitting in my living room.”

Excited to release more music in the future, Wyne emphasized the progress and journey leading up to her first EP's release. “My first open mic that I ever did, actually reaching out to Greg, the first time being in the studio ... those moments were really impactful for me,” Wyne said. “Those were steps that I took for myself out of self-respect, out of believing in myself, out of pursuit of my own expression. The songs that come out of it, those are just the results of self-love and community.”

Learn more about Andie Wyne and her musical journey at or, and follow her musical journey on her Instagram @andiewynemusic.