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STAFF NOTE: Sink Your Teeth Into Burger Week

learn more about the Valley's first-ever Burger Week

Joann Martin, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

Some days, I really get the hankering for a burger and I’ll spend all day thinking about it. I’m talking lettuce, two types of cheese, tomato, pickles, mustard, and maybe ketchup, depending on my mood. And don’t get me started on the buttery, toasted bun of my dreams.

When I moved back to Eau Claire a handful of years ago, I was excited to get acquainted with the new restaurants that had opened since I had left and to be reunited with old favorites. One day, I asked my new coworkers what their favorite burger in town was, and everyone gave a different answer – and were quick to defend their choices. Voices were raised, fingers were pointed, and much laughter was shared, all over some burgers

For the first time, we are launching Chippewa Valley Burger Week, and I’m stoked! For 10 days we will be celebrating America’s favorite mouth-watering sandwich, and in the Valley, we have 15 restaurants on board, offering limited-time low prices and new burgers you’ll need to try!

It’s been three years since I asked those coworkers for their suggestions, and I can officially share, every single one was correct. So, get out there and make the most of Burger Week; I know I sure will!

Learn more about the special deals and burgers available during Burger Week right here!