The Mountain Goats Announce Pablo Center Show

tickets for N.C. indie rockers go on sale this week

McKenna Scherer |

THE GOAT(S). The Mountain Goats will make their way to Eau Claire this summer for their 2023 tour, their latest album dropping in 2022 and heading a 21-album discography. (Submitted photos)
THE GOAT(S). The Mountain Goats will make their way to Eau Claire this summer for their 2023 tour. (Submitted photos)

North Carolina-based indie rock band, The Mountain Goats, will land in the Chippewa Valley this summer as part of their Spectral Tide 2023 tour.

Set to take the RCU Theatre stage at the Pablo Center on July 7 at 7:30pm, tickets go live to the public on Friday, March 10, at 11am. For Pablo Center members, presale tickets will be up for grabs on Thursday, March 9, from 10am-10pm.

The Mountain Goats were a one-man band for many years, starting in 1991 when John Darnielle began recording his own songs on boombox. They became a full band in 2002, and the current lineup consists of Darnielle (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Peter Hughes (bass, vocals), Jon Wurster (drums), and Matt Douglas (flute, saxophone, clarinet, guitar, keyboard, vocals).

The Mountain Goats' latest album.
The Mountain Goats' latest album.

The tour making its way to Eau Claire comes after the release of The Mountain Goats’ 21st studio album, Bleed Out, which came out last August. The album was given a 7.6/10 by Pitchfork and described as “a collection of songs that embrace and humanize the familiar tropes of action cinema,” continuing by pointing out Darnielle as “(indulging) in the escapist fantasy that action movies offer, while taking the real cost of living like one of their heroes all too seriously.”

Pitchfork called Bleed Out the Mountain Goats’ most focused full-band album in years, with the musical veterans bringing all the flair and pedal-to-the-metal excitement fans continue to relish. Chicago-based band Mint Mile will open for The Mountain Goats.

Visit the Pablo Center’s website to buy tickets, which will be available to members on Thursday, March 9, and to the public the following day. Head to The Mountain Goats’ website to learn more about the band and see their full discography.