From the Misfits to the Go-Go’s, Get a Dose of Decadent Cabaret 42

the annual all-local musical extravaganza was resurrected at the Brickhouse

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JUKE BOX HEROES. FM Down was joined by Jim Pullman
JUKE BOX HEROES. FM Down was joined by Jim Pullman to perform some of your Foreigner faves at Decadent Cabaret 42. (Image via YouTube)

Did you miss Decadent Cabaret 42? Then you missed out on Eau Claire’s biggest all-local music fest, held over two days at The Brickhouse on March 3-4.

As it has (almost) every years since 1980, the musical extravaganza featured tons of local bands and artists going all-out performing cover sets of their favorite artists. The lineup included (deep breath) Ghosts of the Sun, Uncommon Denominator, Stumpt, Venison, The Jaggernauts, The Unlikely Event, Holty, Stare Across, Do It Yourself Daisy, Sloslylove, Drunk Drivers, Eddie Inc, Pit Wagon, Motherwind, The Rattlenecks, FM Down, Woodland Spring, Paint Dry, Neon Dale, John Buxton Experience, Dead Soul Symphony, Astronotever, Orenda Fugue, West Korea, Noah Estrada, The Over Unders, Giants of Midgard, Emma West, Riggs Calvero, Fathom, Thunderlung, Contingency, Sloar & Mordor, Parker Reed, and Yam Cannon.

Want to get a look at what you might have missed? Gary “Poppa Bear” Schmaltz of WHYS 96.3 has you covered with a YouTube playlist that features 34 of the songs. The Unlikely Event covered The Presidents of the United States, Stumpt covered Misfits, FM Down covered Foreigner, Yam Cannon covered Television, and a myriad of other bands played more covers as well as some original material. Check out the playlist below, and be sure to check for more information on next year’s event.