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Menomonie Art Exhibit Shines Love on Women's Past & Present

Local artist Sherry Hagen welcomes Women’s History Month at Acoustic Café

Kelly Carlson |

GODDESS INSIDE YOU. New Women's History Month exhibit at the Menomonie Acoustic Café will showcase Sherry Hagen's work. (Photo via Facebook)

At the Acoustic Café (102 W. Main St.) in downtown Menomonie, Women’s History Month is celebrated in vibrant hues of connection, happiness, and flourishing renditions of life thanks to local artist, Sherry Hagen.

“(She) painted a series of colorful watercolors which tap into the strength, wisdom, history, struggles, and beauty of women,” she wrote. The series shows an inviting display of connecting with the power of self-love, intimacy, and spiritual growth in relation to the environment.

Hagen described art as a pivotal way to express her connection to the world around her.

In this show, Hagen explores her own reflections upon reaching a transitory life period, balancing her mid-60s, ideas of life and death, COVID-19, and the day-to-day challenges of introspection. Turning towards her environment, her artwork re-envisions the trees, valleys, and the sun, to manifest a joyous portrait of herself (or, her Goddess) healing in the light.

On display from March 1-29, her artwork expresses an intimate reminder to see the Goddess in yourself. In deep brushstrokes of self-discovery, she showcases her work as a connection to herself and others, now and in the past. “This series is just a sample of spiritual moments.”

Encouraging folks to honor themselves and reflect inward upon seeing her work, a reception will be held on Saturday, March 4th for all interested in exploring her work more.

Learn more about her life and contact her via Facebook. View the art exhibit all March long at Acoustic Café in Menomonie (102 W. Main St., Menomonie).