Diversity Entrepreneurship

Black-Owned Businesses in the Chippewa Valley

a round-up of businesses, organizations, individuals offering a range of services

McKenna Scherer |

BLACK-OWNED BUSINESSES IN THE VALLEY. New endeavors and businesses are constantly evolving and popping up in the area, and among those are Black-owned businesses.
BLACK-OWNED BUSINESSES IN THE VALLEY. New endeavors and businesses are constantly evolving and popping up in the area, and among those are Black-owned businesses.

The Chippewa Valley has a unique, flourishing entrepreneurial and small business community, and part of why they thrive is because of the atmosphere and personality found in our slice of Wisconsin. For folks looking to support Black-owned businesses in the area, we’ve compiled a round-up featuring restaurants, beauty technicians and barbershops, advocacy and mentorship organizations, and more. 

If you know of more locally-owned businesses that should be included, please reach out to Volume One

BreakThru Rage Rooms

Recreation | The idea behind rage rooms is just that: offering a room or space for people to “rage,” typically allowing people to smash various items to bits and pieces. At BreakThru, those items include glassware, flatscreen TVs and monitors, microwaves, desks and lamps, file cabinets, windows, and more. BreakThru offers single, small-group, and large-group packages. 

Address: 423 Wisconsin St., Eau Claire

Contact: (715) 829-0011| breakthruragerooms@gmail.com | website



Art, Retail | A longtime Chippewa Valley local, Jada is an artist with a knack for various forms including photography and jewelry. Keeping sustainability in mind, ByBabyBlueJada sells through its website and at local markets.

Contact: website



Mentorship, Education/Awareness | Formed in response to COVID-19, racial inequity, and political divide, the peer mentorship organization offers rehabilitation services as well as education services and organization consultation.

Address: 403 S. Farwell St., Eau Claire

Contact: (715) 456-0252 | weadaptpeers@gmail.com | website


Chic Sweets Desserts

Food + Drink | Farrah Michaela has been offering the community her baking talents for years, offering up unique, decadent sweets of all kinds from loaded shakes, cakes, macaroons, and more. Chic Sweets also takes custom orders alongside its dessert case in-store.

Address: 1120 122nd St., Lake Hallie

Contact: (715) 864-3285 | website 


Chip’s Barbershop

Services | A favorite barbershop in the area for years, Chip's Barbershop opened up just a handful of years ago but has transformed the type of cuts and styles available in the Chippewa Valley during that time. Owned by born-and-raised Eau Clairian, Chapin Turner.

Address: 416 Water St., Eau Claire

Contact: (715) 952-4477 | website 


Conner Clean

Services | Offering both interior and exterior mobile detailing with a five-star Facebook rating, this biz also offers the occasional snow removal support and various other services. 

Contact: (715) 226-8725 | cornelius.conner79@gmail.com | website


Created by Cween

Services | Natural and luxurious skin and beauty care, body, and hair essentials are offered for both men and women. Essential oils, travel kits, and more are also available.

Contact: (715) 529-0685 | website


C&T’S Soul Food

Food + Drink | Chekell and Antoine Hill have been dishin' up their amazing grub to the community since about 2019, now offering an expanded menu with the likes of Italian beef, Chicago-style hot dogs, catfish, potato salad, chicken wings, yams, greens, macaroni and cheese, sweet potato pie, and a whole lot more.

Address: 963 W. Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire

Contact: (715) 514-4334 | website


Davey J’s Garage

Music, Retail | A local guitar and audio store that also offers an intimate setting for shows, conversation, and good vibes.

Address: 1237 Menomonie St., Eau Claire

Contact: (715) 602-3039 | website


Everything Vegan 

Food + Drink | The only all-vegan eatery in the area, Everything Vegan boasts healthy grub that'll make you say, “This can’t be vegan!”

Contact: (715) 600-2311 | website


Eyelusions by Toya

Services | Offering beauty services focused on eyelashes and eyebrows including lash extensions with four options, and removal services.

Address: 1724 Westgate Rd., Eau Claire

Contact: (715) 204-9562 | eyelusionslash@gmail.com | website


Hair Stuff Beauty Supply, LLC

Retail | An online shop for all types of beauty products, specifically centering around products for the Black community. From hair oils and moisturizers, extensions and braid hair, and more, they offer products for men and women.

Contact: hairstufs@gmail.com | website

Island Vibe Food Truck

Food + Drink | Opening back up for the season this May through October, Island Vibe Food Truck serves up Caribbean cuisine that's mouth-watering good.

Contact: (715) 204-9562 | website

Legacy Hair & Beauty Supply

Retail | Legacy sells wigs, extensions, crochet hair, braiding hair, body oils, and hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, and curl creams. Along with the wide range of products, owner TaNevia Johnson also has extensive knowledge in hair care and is passionate about educating everyone about their own.

Address: 1235 Menomonie St., Eau Claire

Contact: (715) 703-3364 | website

Mesha & Co.

Doula | A support doula and lactation counselor for pregnant women or those looking to become pregnant, offering education and comfort. 

Contact: (715) 338-0001 | website


Power of Perception

Advocacy, Mentoring | Mentoring program for African American and biracial youth in the area, Power of Perception has several chapters through local schools and holds a plethora of community events to offer education, support, advocacy, and community.

Contact: Dennis.powerofperception@gmail.com | website


Premium Blendz Barber Lounge

Services | Premium Blendz provides old-school barbering services including haircuts, tapers, designs, lineups – and, a more modern addition, eyebrows. Owner Navontay Wilson sets the mood by burning various incense, turns on some hip hop, R&B, soul, or old-school music, gets fresh towels, and sets up the pool table. 

Address: 2389 Mall Drive, Eau Claire

Contact: (715) 514-3888 | website


Soph’s Creations

Spiritual, Art | A local offering an array of spiritual services and art, like tarot readings, tattoos, and more.

Contact: SAlchemyCreations@gmail.com | website


Stylez by Lexi

Services | Offering wig installation, silk pressing, braiding, makeup or eyebrow services, and more, Stylez by Lexi just about has it all.

Address: 1724 Westgate Road, Eau Claire

Contact: website 


Transformations by Taz, LLC

Services | Hair, skincare, and nail services are all offered by Transformations by Taz. Their various soap and skincare bars are a favorite in the area. 

Contact: (920) 215-4991 | transformationsbytaz@gmail.com | website