MUSING OVER MUSIC: Learn To Play Music in New Senior Lessons

new senior music lessons with Sunny Roads Guitar in Chippewa Falls

Dawson Jollie |

LEARNING NEW TRICKS. Sunny Roads Guitar 
LEARNING NEW TRICKS. Sunny Roads Guitar is now offering music lessons for patrons 50+. (Photo via Unsplash)

It’s true when they say that ‘you’re never too old to rock and roll’— or at least pick up an instrument again. And at Sunny Roads Guitar in Chippewa Falls, seniors have the chance to explore the world of music with comfort and affordability. 

Taught by owner Carol White, Sunny Roads offers one-on-one music lessons on Tuesdays from 10am-3pm for customers 50 years and up. This runs with regular operating hours: Monday through Friday from 3-7pm, ideally for all ages. Lessons are offered for various stringed instruments including guitar, ukulele, and more.

“It’s not necessarily meaning that they’re learning material for a big orchestra or they’re gonna be in a band tomorrow,” White said. “It’s more learning for their peace of mind.”

According to White, the lessons also give seniors a way to improve memory and cognitive health through music, in a safe, fun environment with everything provided. Being an instructor for the past 15 years, she feels the earlier opening hours offer greater flexibility for an age group that may be in need of a new hobby.  

“Their kids are gone, they’re not quite retired, they get home from work and they’re like ‘well what do I do now?” Carol said. “They’re not fulfilled, and they always wanted to learn an instrument … that’s where all of this comes into play.”

So you might not be thrashing chords like Bruce Springsteen, or touching up for your next serenade; but at Sunny Roads Guitar, customers of all experience levels are welcome to sit down, tune in and start building that connection to music for themselves.

For more information on pricing and availability, give Sunny Roads a call at (715)-450-2739; located at 13 Bay St. Chippewa Falls, WI.