Visual Art

Discovering New Dimensions in the Valley

a new art show takes over the Chippewa Valley Museum

Laura Carew |

TAKING SHAPE. The Chippewa Valley Museum and Empty Walls Art are displaying their new art exhibit, “Dimensions & Discovery.” (Photo via Facebook)

The Chippewa Valley Museum is partnering with Empty Walls Art this spring to display a new art exhibit, “Dimensions & Discovery.” It opened on Jan. 24 and will run until April 8, giving Chippewa Valley community members the opportunity to meet the artists involved – 11 in total! – and interact with their work on a more personal level. 

Based in the Chippewa Valley, Empty Walls Art focuses primarily on engaging their audiences in new ways, namely through form, color, sound, and shadow. “We’re in the middle,” said Christy Skuban, guest curator at the museum for the duration of the exhibit. “We don’t do 2D art, we don’t do full sculptures that you might see somewhere else … we’re in the middle!”

“Dimensions & Discovery” will offer Art Talks for audiences – among general viewing – where participants can hear from the artists themselves and get a deeper understanding of their creative processes and inspiration for their pieces. There are even chances for community members to create some art of their own!

The museum has been pivotal in housing the exhibit, giving Empty Walls Art the chance to share their work with the community. “(CVM) really liked the idea,” explained Skuban. “We were really, really thrilled that they decided to choose us for their winter exhibit.”

Since it’s only February, there’s still plenty of time to get involved with this exciting new art show. “There’s never really been an exhibit like this,” said Skuban. “It’s a one-of-a-kind show, and the response [from the community] has been great so far. That’s made this all really special.”

Visit to learn more about the exhibit and to get tickets for museum admission.