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WHAT’S NEW? WoodWind Park Shares Chalet Construction Updates

new chalet renovations will open new doors for the old park

Sawyer Hoff |

WORTH THE WAIT. Since beginning construction in
WORTH THE WAIT. Since beginning construction in the spring of 2022, WoodWind Park has been closed for the construction of their chalet. (Submitted Photos)

You’ve probably been missing all of the fun things to do at WoodWind Park (E7115 1058th Ave, Wheeler) since they’ve been closed for their Chalet construction, but have no fear – the end is near.

The demolition and renovation of the park’s chalet started in the spring of 2022 and is only the third time the building has seen an update since it was built in 1951. The renovation will include the addition of a deck, complete modernization of the inside, and a full catering kitchen.

“Having the kitchen and the capacity to serve food which we anticipate at some point will be a moderately open restaurant is exciting,” said park co-owner Meagan Frank. “We’re kind of just seeing how that all comes together but the kitchen is gonna allow us an opportunity to do that on-site and by ourselves.”

Frank says that they hope to have the new building – and the whole park – opened back up in the late fall of this year. She’s hopeful that the new building will open up more opportunities for people to enjoy absolutely everything the park has to offer, indoor and outdoor. 

“Once we have the building up we’ll be able to offer a lot of climate-controlled things like corporate parties, retreats, you name it,” Frank said. “Just so we aren’t completely dependent on Wisconsin’s very fickle weather all the time.”

Though WoodWind will remain closed to the public until construction is complete, their classic cross-country skiing, shoe shoeing, hiking, and snow tubing trails will all still be there at the finish line.

To learn more about WoodWind and follow along in the progress, you can go to and follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@woodwind_park).