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THE TREASURE (BOX) WITHIN YOU: Rewired & Real Launches a New Initiative

curated boxes intended to promote wellness

Kelly Carlson |

TREAT OTHERS WITH KINDNESS. Rewired and Real is introducing a new Treasure Box initiative. (Photos via Facebook)

Faced with a new phase of life, Kjersten Berard, founder of the local foundation Rewired & Real, began to reflect. Interested in her own growth and community well-being, she began working on Rewired & Real, a foundation aiming to rewire positive values into everyday life and inspire people to live real and authentically to themselves. 

“I started going inward which I think begins with being kind to yourself,” Berard said. “To me, kindness is love and action. Kindness is all the different ways, big and small, we express care and consideration for ourselves and others.” 

It is with this mindset that movements including the “Million Acts of Kindness,” where schools, individuals, and other participants keep track of kind actions to reach an overarching goal of 1 million, and “Kind Krew,” geared towards younger kids with interactive intentional word worksheets and kindness booths, were created. The aim is to encourage individuals, families, schools, and other organizations to spread kindness and empowerment through positive action, leaving a rippling effect in the community. 

Rewired & Real’s MillionAOK Movement 2022 Kindest School Award Winners
Rewired & Real’s MillionAOK Movement 2022 Kindest School Award Winners at Rocky Branch Elementary School

Now, after a few years of advocacy and growth, Rewired & Real is ready to introduce a new initiative, called Treasure Boxes, to inspire well-being everywhere – literally!

“The Million Acts of Kindness movement has been a huge hit and having these treasure boxes really helps bring it all together,” Berard said. “It’s one box that has everything we’re doing right in it, compacted with all of our initiatives, materials you can physically use, and things you can do that, overall, helps with mental wellbeing.”

With curated items available for preschoolers, elementary, middle, and high schoolers, as well as adults and families, Berard has worked with school counselors, certified therapists, wellness practitioners, and parents to find the best interactive and inspiring materials for each age group treasure box. These boxes are made to help ground individuals, encourage gratitude and self-care, empower and inspire with kindness, and ease stress. Working with Amish folks to create the boxes, some featured items include word searches, gratitude journals, positive affirmations, books, and more. You can also create/build your own treasure box to best fit your wellness needs. 

“My large goal would be to have a treasure chest in every state, and city in the United States, and take it nationally,” she said. “(I want it to be) in every country and really help in every way that we can to have tools and resources readily available to anybody and everybody to help their mental wellbeing.”

Making accessibility a point of interest, you can easily participate in the Million Acts of Kindness Movement by downloading their app and following the prompts. 

Join the movements, become a partner, get a treasure box or two for your local business or family, donate, or learn more at