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BOO! Here Are Three Local Ghost Kitchens to Check Out

ghost kitchens are a great way to try new food in the comfort of your home

Sawyer Hoff |

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook

Bird Dawgs

Located: Buffalo Wild Wings

Though Bird Dawgs is technically considered a “virtual brand” of Buffalo Wild Wings, this brand has its very own page on DoorDash with appetizers, desserts, and other kinds of chicken sandwiches, all outside of the BWW realm. What is a Bird Dawg? Essentially, it is chicken tenders in a hot dog bun topped with plenty of goodies and pretty customizable. I fear that these dawgs will only further deepen the “Is a hotdog a sandwich?” debate. Whether you believe it to be a sandwich or not, these bird dawgs are definitely unique and great for any chicken enthusiast. 


The Country’s Best Chicken

Location: Pizza Ranch

Another chicken ghost kitchen and the self-proclaimed best, The Country’s Best Chicken brings more poultry options to Eau Claire. They have all of the chicken classics, including traditional and boneless wings, family chicken boxes, and the usual sides like mashed potatoes, fries, cole slaw, and more. If you’re in a bind and need chicken dropped on your doorstep, The Country’s Best Chicken may be for you.

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Burger Boys

Location: Randy’s Family Restaurant

Randy’s Family Restaurant is a staple of Eau Claire, and while they serve classic American comfort food and breakfast, you can also get a juicy burger delivered to your door from their kitchen thanks to Burger Boys. Add some cheese curds or onion rings to your carts with an array of different burgers and their toppings. Maybe finish off the meal with a real ice cream malt or some chocolate chip cookies? (Or an extra helping of their pudding.) But I wouldn’t dare tell you what to pair your burger with!