Tinkerer, dabbler, and woodworker. Cullen Bright comes from a long line of folks takin’ a stab at a variety of hobbies and endeavors, and Oak Lair Woodcraft is the fruition of his own creative journey. Founded in spring 2021, Oak Lair has quickly become an eye-catching favorite in the treasure trove of The Local Store, and it’s making its waves throughout the Chippewa Valley, too.

“I’ve lived in Wisconsin for almost 20 years, so no turning back now. My feeling is that if you can’t find something fun to do in any of our four seasons, check your pulse, ’cause you might need an infusion of adventure!” -Cullen Bright, creator of Oak Lair Woodcraft

Through the use of layered wood, Cullen’s work centers Wisconsin nature themes with laser-cut tree lines, deer, fish, and more, all telltale signs of the small biz. However, Cullen hopes to dive further into custom work, as folks are invited to reach out with any ideas they’d like Oak Lair to bring to life! In the past, Cullen has created a The Lord of the Rings-themed piece, Halloween-inspired haunted houses, magnets, ornaments, and more. 

The layered woodwork amplifies the sense of dimension each piece delivers, and his crafting game is certainly above average. Cullen Bright just gets it, and that’s something we can get down with.

Individual & Intricate

A Wisconsinite of nearly 20 years with a background in graphic arts, Oak Lair owner Cullen Bright’s art is a clear show of his artistic skill and appreciation for our slice of the Midwest. 

Find Oak Lair Woodcraft on their website or at The Local Store, 205 N. Dewey St., Eau Claire.

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