Ann Wrozek-Manor is the creative soul behind Meadowsong Studios. A relief for her mind as much as for her clay-spinning hands, Meadowsong Studios has been a teaching hub too since it opened in 2009 in the Valley area. 

“There are so many patterns and textures and connections in life; in time and place, nature, in humanity.” -Ann Wrozek-Manor, founder of Meadowsong Studios

Meadowsong’s terra cotta pieces line The Local Store’s shelves alongside glazed and nature-themed bowls, the locally made favorites as practical as they are visually stunning. This trait is part of why Ann found her own stride with pottery, her appreciation for history weaving with her passion for art. As a recently retired elementary art teacher, Ann often pictures herself placed in earlier times throughout history while creating.

“Plus, making art gets you out of cooking, cleaning, laundry – all of these are important but thankless tasks,” Ann jokes. “Make a meal that takes an hour (and) is consumed in 20 minutes, or make a pot in an hour and it lasts for decades … no contest. Sorry, kids.” Her three kiddos turned into wonderful humans though, all jokes aside. Meadowsong has seven furry friends who “help out” too, the patriarch of the bunch named Loco by Ann’s husband, who considered himself loco for agreeing to another dog.

“I love to make bowls; rich or poor, city or country ... each can be different but useful.” -Ann Wrozek-Manor

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