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On the Cover | Dec. 1, 2022

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illustrated by Nica Quinn |

“To the Moon and Back” by Nica Quinn

Nica Quinn is a digital artist; inspiring a deeper connection to ourselves, nature, and horses.

“To the Moon and Back” (2020) Digital Illustration by Nica Quinn • From the artist: “To the Moon and Back” is a piece that emanates unconditional love between mare and foal, mother and child, or any loving bond between two souls. This image, along with most of Nica’s work, is intended to radiate beauty, love, and harmony. 

She hopes to inspire others to deepen their connection to the world around us and to see animals as emotional, sentient beings. 

Horses specifically are often viewed as objects available for our personal enjoyment, sport, or work; while there are many who love their horses dearly, there are often underlying expectations put on them for our own pleasure or goals. Nica’s art is a visual inspiration to look at our relationship with earth and its beings.


Volume One finds its cover art in a number of ways, from local art shows to random emails to knowing someone who knows someone who knows a great artist. The art always originates from a current or former Chippewa Valley resident. If you'd like to submit cover art, send us a message.