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4 Local Sips to Savor This Holiday Season

while any of these would be perfect year-round, some are only available (or feel right to drink) during the holiday months

McKenna Scherer |

Mint Cookie Roasted Toasted Almond Cocktail 

This ready-to-drink cocktail in a bottle by Infinity Beverages in Eau Claire is pouring into the Valley on Nov. 15 for its public release (with a whole week to celebrate), and the infusion of mint cookie flavor is sure to jolt your tastebuds. Perfect as a dessert in a glass for post-dinner hangouts, it’ll be availably by the bottle for purchase in the Tasting Lounge (3460 Mall Drive, Eau Claire) and online, though you can always snag a complimentary taste prior to purchasing in person. Infinity Club members can get their hands on this wintery drink on Nov. 4. Lucky ducks.


The Frigid Girl Scout 

On the flip side, holiday drinks certainly don’t have to feature alcohol. In fact, one of downtown Eau Claire’s friendly neighborhood coffee hangouts, Racy D’Lenes Coffee Lounge (404 Riverside Ave., Eau Claire), has the perfect blended drink to ring in the holiday season: The Frigid Girl Scout. Racy’s keeps their blended drinks on their menu year-round thankfully, and this drink delivers a punch of peppermint. Made with ice, milk, cold press, peppermint, and chocolate, this one’s a delight. 


S’mores Martini

I know, I know, another drink from Infinity Beverages?! But c’mon, they’re known for making a mean cocktail, and in this case, a mean martini. Made with their Stout Beerskey Whiskey (made in-house), egg, honey, chocolate bitters, and toasted marshmallow simple syrup, it’s topped off with mini marshmallows on the froth. It’s like an adult-version hot chocolate, and really, what more could we ask for? It’s a customer favorite for a reason. 


Leinenkugel’s Winter Brew Lineup

Chippewa Falls’ Leinie Lodge is hosting its Sixth Annual Ugly Sweater Contest Nov. 18 and will be letting folks be some of the first to crack open the Leinenkugels winter brews. The wintery beer lineup includes Chocolate Dunkel, Toasted Bock, and Snowdrift Vanilla Porter, all 5-6% ABV, and yes, I am counting this as one drink since the trio can be bought in a single pack. Tickets are available online to attend the Ugly Sweater Winter Beer Release Party on Friday, Nov. 18 at 5pm – otherwise, you’ll just have to buy a case online until then. (Remember, the Snowdrift Vanilla Porter is only available in the winter Lodge Pack!)