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Eau Claire Transit Switching to ‘Tap-and-Ride’ Technology

by January, a mobile app will allow bus passengers to buy tickets, passes

Matthew Baughman |

RIDING IN STYLE. Starting next March, Eau Claire Transit passengers will no longer be able to use paper tickets and passes.

Eau Claire Transit, the city’s bus system, recently announced it is adopting a new account-based ticketing with “tap and ride” technology as well as up-to-date dispatch and vehicle location systems.

Masabi is a British company that has been bringing Fare-Payments-as-a-Service (FPaaS) to public transit systems and has recently worked in part with Durham, North Carolina-based TransLoc to redesign the payment system for Eau Claire Transit. Masabi and TransLoc were selected by Eau Claire Transit for their innovative account-based fare payment system that will change how Eau Claire does transportation.

A mobile app will be made available by January to allow riders to purchase tickets and passes, but alternative cash payments can still be made at select retail locations across the city. As of March 31, 2023, paper tickets or passes will no longer be able to be used. Masabi will install fare validators across the Eau Claire Transit fleet which makes boarding a bus as easy as swiping your smartphone or smartcard. 

Meanwhile, TransLoc will be creating an easy navigational system that allows riders to find buses through an app for real-time trip planning and receive announcements for upcoming bus stops while riding.

All this is in an effort to make Eau Claire Transit more accessible and user friendly, with the hope that the changes implemented will benefit the public transportation system and its riders.