3 Halloween-y Things We Love Right Now

owl eyes, square pumpkins, and franken burgers

V1 Staff |

beaver creek owl tagging 

Beaver Creek Reserve is catching and banding owls for research and snapped this adorable photo of a Northern Saw-Whet Owl that is over 2 years old. According to Beaver Creek Reserve’s Facebook post, this owl was originally banded in Duluth in 2019 and we’re so glad it made the long trek to the Valley to be tagged in our neck of the woods. You can observe an owl banding session on Friday, Oct. 21, by registering at

Spookley at Ferguson’s Orchards 

October isn’t just about Halloween: It’s also National Bullying Prevention Month. To spread the word, Ferguson’s Orchards has partnered with Spookley the Square Pumpkin by creating story boards mounted along their pumpkin patch. The Spookley stories have an anti-bullying message.

The Franken burger

It’s alive! Princeton Valley Golf-Bar-Grill (2300 W. Princeton Ave., Eau Claire) posted a picture of their juicy Franken Burger in the Eau Claire Foodies Facebook page on Oct. 5. According to the post, the burger contains fried onion straws, pickled jalapeños, Pepper Jack cheese, tomatillos, a spring mix, and is topped with a spicy green mayo. While there were some mixed feelings on the color of the mayo, other commenters said they couldn’t wait to try it. Do you have have the guts to take on the Franken Burger?