Local Josh House Releases Album ‘Endless Days’

album honors life changes House has experienced over the past handful of years

Mckenzie Minter |

REAL HOUSE MUSIC. Local Josh House's new album
REAL HOUSE MUSIC. Local Josh House's new album, Endless Days, chronicles a variety of topics inspired by House's personal life over the past handful of years.

Josh House’s latest album, Endless Days, highlights a number of life changes the artist has gone through over the past couple of years. From buying a house to getting married, to now being a father of twins, House’s nearly 40-minute album has a variety of topics and sounds woven within the track list. 

House was born and raised in Eau Claire, and a lot of his musical influence comes from his family. His father played guitar when he was young and ended up teaching him a few chords, which was the start of House’s musical career. His mother also plays piano and sings. 

House picked up some of his technical knowledge from his church, Jacob’s Well, which helped him create this album on his own. He included acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, and drums on some songs. 

“This was the one project I wanted to do before the kids were born,” House said. “I wanted to make the most of it before my priorities shift. I’m glad to have done it, and it’s been a great learning experience for me. I’m just happy to share this with whoever wants to listen.”

One song House highlighted was track number nine, “My Little Ones,” which is a mellow, acoustic song. It’s a love letter for his twin boys who were born on Wednesday, Oct. 5, at the very same hospital House was born in.

House has received loads of support from those close to him, including family members that play his music in their store down in Oklahoma. “It’s been great to hear that warm reception from friends and family,” House said. “And I’d just like to spread the word to the whole greater Chippewa Valley here.”

You can now listen to Endless Days on all streaming platforms.

To buy a CD or to stream for free online, visit Josh House's Bandcamp page.