Larson Orthodontic Specialists

Top-of-the-line technology shines alongside a top-notch team.

Larson Orthodontic Specialists originally opened in Eau Claire over a decade ago in 2012, and since then, has continued to stay true to their original mission: connecting with the community and offering the highest quality service and expertise.

After consolidating their offices into a new single location in River Prairie, the Larson Orthodontic team has never felt more connected, consistent, and involved in their patient care.

Husband-and-wife duo Drs. Matt Larson and Katie Miettunen Larson – a homegrown Valley local herself, having graduated from Memorial High School in Eau Claire – serve on various professional committees, continue to develop their skills through extensive continuing education courses, and enjoy the Valley outside of the office, too. As Board-Certified Orthodontists, the duo is a powerhouse in more ways than one.

They are also at the top of their field, specifically in regard to orthodontic technology – Dr. Matt being a recognized and trusted leader in that tech world. Having previously been chairman of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) Committee on Technology, teaching digital workflow and clinical techniques at the University of Minnestoa, and helping the AAO establish an online resource to learn about and implement 3D printing in orthodontic practice, it’s no wonder Larson Orthodontic also has some of the latest and greatest in the tech game in-office:

Digital Scanning

Early on in their practice, the Larsons invested in an iTero scanner creating a more comfortable patient experience as compared to the gooey traditional impressions. In their new office they have additional scanners to ensure patient appointments run smoothly.


Larson Orthodontic’s innovative and onsite 3D printing lab allows them to produce their own in-house aligners for eligible patients. Creating these treatment plans in-house enables them to be more cost effective and efficient for the patient.

3D Cone Beam X-Ray

The Larsons invested in a cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) 3D X-ray machine for their new office. This technology allows for detailed 3D imaging lending to more accurate and predictable treatment planning.

The office’s backbone, though, has always been the one-on-one time and dedication to their patients. Drs. Matt and Katie make sure they’re involved from the get-go and throughout the treatment process. They are committed to seeing each and every patient at their normally scheduled visits.

“Our results reflect that kind of high-level involvement that we have in our patient care,” Dr. Katie explained. “The quality time and care is not something we delegate out; we really love being involved in the patient care side to ensure the most ideal outcomes are achieved for each patient.”Of course, the duo work hard as business owners as well, but forming real connections with their patients is their favorite part of what they do. Having kids of their own, it’s the out-of-office relationships that continue to remind them of how special their work is, Dr. Katie said, like when their own kids and their patients play on the same soccer team.

“Connecting with our patients and their families is one of my favorite parts of my job. Of course, focusing on high quality treatment outcomes is a top priority, but it’s also about those relationships we develop.”

Recognizing that communication is key, having their only office based right in the Chippewa Valley with their whole team in one spot is just another step in continuing and improving upon that trait they are known for. “For us, our focus is right here at home,” Dr. Katie said. “We’re really striving for high-quality patient care and an inclusive, welcoming environment that’s comfortable for our patients and team alongside great results.”

With top-of-the-line technology alongside a highly experienced and caring team, there’s a reason why Larson Orthodontic continuously impresses and thrives here in the Valley.