Kristo Orthodontics

Dr. Steve Kristo and his team maintain a hometown focus as the industry changes and the business continues to expand.

Dr. Bob Bronski (left), and Dr. Steve Kristo (right)

Kristo Orthodontics has grown by leaps and bounds since 1988 when Dr. Steve Kristo joined the practice his father, Dr. Andrew Kristo, had founded nearly 30 years earlier. Starting from one clinic in Eau Claire, Kristo Orthodontics now operates statewide, with 15 locations in the Chippewa Valley and across Wisconsin.

“I am committed to providing orthodontic care that’s personalized to meet our patients’ unique needs and life goals,” Dr. Kristo said. “Seeing the joy and smiles on my patients’ faces shows just how life-transforming an improved smile is.”

As the business has grown in recent years and more experts have joined the Kristo team, there is a unique combination of longtime experience with highly-qualified and caring team members.

What makes Kristo unique? They offer no-obligation, one-on-one consultations with doctors and an expert team, and flexible payment options with $0 down and 0% interest financing.

Braces or Invisalign® clear aligner treatment options are available for children, teens, or adults to give you confidence in what makes you amazing – your smile.

“I don’t think there’s a better value play for someone who wants to improve their overall health, their aesthetics, their smile, and overall confidence and quality of life,” Dr. Kristo said. “I’m dedicated to providing the highest-quality orthodontic care that creates healthy, amazing smiles that function well and build self-esteem.”

Today, more than 40% of Kristo’s patients use Invisalign, including about 90% of adults. Kristo has been treating patients using Invisalign for more than 20 years, and the product’s technology has continued to improve. Kristo says he can do just about anything with Invisalign that he can with traditional wire-and-bracket braces.

And even for those who choose braces, technology has evolved. Gone are the days of unsightly, uncomfortable headgear, and orthodontists are now less likely to remove teeth than to try to create space by expanding patients’ jaws, Kristo says.

Kristo Orthodontics care for kids surpasses their teeth, that’s why Kristo is implementing a new and exciting program for kids ages six and up, called the Confidence Counts Club. This club will have fun and free events across the Chippewa Valley for both kids and other community members.

“This Confidence Counts Club helps to share our unique and exciting culture in our surrounding communities while highlighting the importance of annual orthodontic exams for kids starting as young as six,” said Dr. Kristo.

Dr. Steve Kristo has worked alongside for years with Dr. Bob Bronski, and both doctors are passionate about helping kids all over the Chippewa Valley, which is why they support hundreds of local area schools, organizations, and groups.

“My children and I are deeply rooted in the area and enjoy being active in our communities,” Dr. Kristo said. “We love the many theaters and arts the Chippewa Valley has to offer, and as an avid sports fan, I’m always excited to support youth sports groups in the area.”