Harp-Driven Trio Explores Creative Territory

Sarah Ohr Trio melds ambient soundscapes, engages community

Kelly Carlson |

HARP ON. Local harp musician, Sarah Ohr, creates a trio with fellow musical friends

HARP ON. Local harpist Sarah Ohr (center) formed a trio with fellow musicians Dawson Redenius (left) and North Skager (right). (Photo via Facebook)

Sarah Ohr is a local professional harp player who engages with the local community through a collective reflection of musical intimacy. Now, she has expanded that intimacy into a new musical trio including Dawson Redenius on trumpet and friend North Skager on drums. 

Ohr was drawn to the harp at a young age and works to bring healing through the harp’s music. Inspired to share her music on stage from a deeply mournful period in her life, Ohr connects gracefully with her audience while experimenting with different sounds. 

“Having a more intimate relationship with my harp and audience has been a huge part of … (what) has honestly saved my life, my soul, from falling too deeply into self-destruction and despair,” Ohr shared, showcasing a connection that many people find within music during hard times.

Hesitant to share that connection with the world for fear of dismissal, Ohr’s music on the harp has drawn people in and inspired a trio of musicians to share that connection together. “People listened,” she said, “they felt my pain through the music.” 

The trio engages together to experiment with unique musical sounds. “I’ve unofficially (named) us the ‘Cougar and The Cubs,’ ” Ohr said, cleverly referencing the age gap between herself and her bandmates. “I love and appreciate their youthfulness, their willingness to try any type of sound, their ability to go with the flow,” she said. “They’re a beautiful reminder of what music is all about, having fun, releasing and sharing energy with each other and with our audience.” 

The trio plays covers of popular songs, live-looping improvisational songs, and ambient soundscapes together at the Lakely and other venues downtown. “Harp connected me to a loving, supportive, and beautiful community,” Ohr said. 

Catch the Sarah Ohr Trio live at The Lakely on Oct. 29 from 8:30-11:30pm with guest Nick Zuck on percussion and Paul Odegaard on trumpet. For booking information with Sarah Ohr, check out her Facebook page