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CollECtive Choir Inc. Expands Into Downtown Eau Claire Under New Name, CollECtive Arts Inc.

community choir released plans of a new art center

Matthew Baughman |

A COOL COLLECTIVE. CollECtive Arts Inc. is creating a new arts center and community creative space. (Photos via their Website)

Everyone, put your hands together for CollECtive Arts Inc., located downtown at 308 and 310 E Madison Street in Eau Claire.

Recently, the organization has decided to expand its community impact by housing its own arts center and community creative space. Overall, their new location features many new amenities to help the community explore creative opportunities and express themselves.

Among the various facilities is a basic recording studio with two live rooms, a dance studio, three private spaces for practice, a multi-use venue, visual arts maker space, and a musical library in collaboration with the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library by spring of 2023.

CollECtive Arts Inc.’s mission is to “reflect the love of Jesus through the arts”, spreading their love and passion for expressive art to the community. In preparation of their new premises, CollECtive Arts Inc. has scheduled several events and programs for the near future.

The all-age community Hip Hop and Gospel choir, “CollECtive Choir”, is available Mondays from 6 to 7:30. Might in Motion dance will be available on Tuesdays starting Oct. 17. The Jam, a music group recently awarded $100,000, is available on Thursday evenings. The organization hopes to expand their programs in the future to cover theater shows, studio recording, beat production, group lessons, a guest artist series, and more.

On Oct. 11, CollECtive Arts Inc. is hosting an open house event for the entire community to tour and explore their new facility. The event lasts from 5-8 pm, and offers insight into upcoming programs and answers to questions regarding how to use their space. Expect to get a hands-on musical demonstration, along with dance, art, and beat-making. On top of that, there are door prizes, refreshments, and a short concert.

For more information, go to their website at and find them on Facebook and Instagram (coming soon!) @collectiveartsec.