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Questioning the Locals: Lan Pham Vu

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IN THE MINOR LEAGUE. David Minor has been in the Chamber business for 31 years and recently won the Mid-America Chamber Executives (MACE) award.
NAILED IT. Lan Pham Vu owns SahLan Nails & Spa which was ranked no. 1 in the  2022 Best of the Chippewa Valley Poll for Best Nail Salon.

Lan Pham Vu is an artist with a tiny canvas: your nails. Not only is Lan one of the best nail techs in the area – her business, SahLan, was voted Best Nail Salon in  the 2022 Best of the Chippewa Valley Poll – but she also teaches future nail techs at Chippewa Valley Technical College. Lan is passionate about nails as well as doing whatever she can to reduce single-use plastics in her salon since she majored in biology and chemistry during college. She moved to the Chippewa Valley from Vietnam in 2004, and loves the community she has lived in for nearly 20 years.

When I worked at other nail shops I just knew I could do better. better nails, better customer service, and better for the environment.

Lan Pham Vu

Owner of SahLan Nails and Spa

What place in town considers you a “regular”?

When I have time I like to go to other salons to get a facial done. I'm also frequently eating at TemptAsians in Chippewa Falls, I would be there every day if I wasn't working.

What frustrates you about the Chippewa Valley? 

There isn't a lot of Vietnamese food. I would love to see a dine-in Vietnamese restaurant open up. I would also love to have a Vietnamese grocery store around here so I can shop like I'm still in Vietnam.

What is your favorite local festival?

I love the Taste of the Valley festival. I used to help out and be an ambassador.

If you were on your death bed and got to eat one meal from a local restaurant what would it be? 

If there's no Vietnamese food then I would eat the shrimp at Tokyo Japanese Restaurant.

Water Street or Downtown?

Downtown, for sure. Water Street is for young people!

What is something you would change about the Chippewa Valley?

More Vietnamese education at the university or some sort of organization where people can learn Vietnamese and about Vietnamese culture.

Lan’s Shoutouts

Down to Earth Garden Center. “I love to look at all the plants and the flowers and then get some coffee there. Plants always make me feel very relaxed and happy."

The Pablo Center. “I don't get to go a lot, but I love to go to the Pablo Center to watch shows or take a class on drawing."

Downtown Chippewa Falls. “I love to walk from shop to shop in Chippewa Falls and just enjoy all of the small businesses. Shopping small is very important to me."