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Farm & Fiber Tours Show Healthy Farm Practices at Local Kubb and Priory Farms

these sponsored tours promote authentic and engaging agriculture experiences for the public

Kelly Carlson |

WITH A CLUCK CLUCK HERE... Kubb and Priory Farms are educating the Valley on farm life on Sept. 25. (Submitted Photos)

Three Rivers Fibershed (TRF), Wisconsin Farmers Union (WFU), and the Eau Claire County Farmers Union bring easy living, slow farming, and educational fun to the Valley. This fall, grab a friend and some boots for walkin' while you head on over to tour Kubb Farms, a local crop-based farm focused on carbon farming initiatives, and Priory Farms across the street, a local Cotswold sheep farm that participates in the Livestock Conservancy Program while crafting beautiful, soft pieces with sheep’s wool. 

The tour, happening Sept. 25 from 3-6pm, is open and free to the public. The event accentuates the initiative to bring community members and their relationship with agriculture together in a way that sparks open conversation about climate, mental health, and education. 

“Farming is hard work. Hours are endless and can be isolating,” Aaron Ellringer, the owner of Kubb Farms and President of the Eau Claire County Farmers Union, said. “Kubb Farm strives to strike a balance.”

Kubb Farm gets its name from the famous and beloved game of Kubb (of which Ellringer is a professional player). Priory Farms hopes to shed light on textiles, knitting, and other art related to their sheep’s wool while getting to know the gentle giants that roam their land. 

Tour goers can expect a tour of both farms switching over the road halfway through. “Priory Farms will have booths and fiber-related activities for children and adults, spinning and fiber demonstrations, and some sheep and wool products for sale,” Ellringer said. Folks can discover a nature loom and other kids’ activities.

On the other hand, “[Ellringer] will share their experiences building a high tunnel… [and] let you peek inside a unique permaculture concept called ‘Hugelculture’,” Kubb Farms' owner said. This farming practice invites climate consciousness to work alongside farms in unique ways. 

And of course, you’ll also learn how to play a classic game of Kubb (after all, Eau Claire does host the U.S. Kubb Championship, so you might as well learn).

Learn more about the event, here,, and become a Farmers Union member and join them at the Goat Coffeehouse on Sept. 25, at 6pm.